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Why Hemp Ropes Are the Perfect Hemp Dog Toys

Why Hemp Ropes Are the Best Hemp Dog Toys

If you want to protect your pup from the toxic chemicals in most plastic and synthetic dog toys today, I have a solution for you – hemp dog toys.

Dog toys are crucial in ensuring your pup is active and happy.

Unfortunately, the most popular dog toys are also dangerous because they have harmful toxins plus risk choking your pet. 

Therefore, as a dog lover and parent, you’ll have to find better and safer toys that offer numerous benefits to your dog and bring joy and energy into their lives. 

One such hemp dog toy is a hemp rope that will address your concerns as a dog parent, hence a better risk-free alternative.

In this post, we will explore what hemp dog toys, what hemp rope, and why hemp ropes are the perfect toys for your furry friend.

What Are Hemp Dog Toys?

Hemp is a natural plant fiber that is grown or planted without the use of pesticides. 

Therefore, it’s an eco-friendly and biodegradable plant. These characteristics have made it an ideal plant for use in the fashion industry (clothing) and medical field.

But first, hemp is not marijuana, so they are not the same. 

As a dog parent, the first you think about when you hear about hemp is how toxic cannabis is to dogs. 

Although there is some truth to that statement, hemp is a variety of the cannabis sativa plant. It means that cannabis has two different varieties (hemp and marijuana). 

And the main difference between them is their cannabinoid content, specifically tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Hemp has a THC content of less than 0.3%, while marijuana has more than 0.3% of the THC levels. 

THC is responsible for causing the high that’s associated with cannabis (weed), which is the psychoactive compound.

Therefore, hemp products are safe to apply for your canine friend and are not toxic. 

Thus, hemp dog toys are playthings created for their enjoyment, for example, hemp ropes.

They aren’t only the right option for pet parents who want to have an eco-conscious lifestyle. 

Your pup will also experience an array of physical and mental health benefits.

What is Hemp Rope

What Is Hemp Rope?

It is derived and crafted from high-quality fibers from hemp plants. 

These fibers are then twisted skillfully together to create durable yarn. It does ensure strength in each strand.  

Afterward, the yarn is sorted carefully and separated into different piles. 

Thus, the yarn undergoes further twisting in the opposite direction. It will ensure that it is thicker, stronger, and durable.

Therefore, you will have hemp rope which is a versatile, strong, and durable material. 

And with it having been utilized for centuries and throughout the ancient world, it’s a testament to its strength and usefulness. 

Even if hemp ropes are great as dog toys, they are also in other industries and fields. 

For example, you can utilize hemp ropes in; 

  • Construction when fastening something to ensure it is secure 
  • Marine operations like sailing rope 
  • Sports like climbing for outdoor enthusiasts 
  • Historical reenactments come in handy when setting up tents and camps

Thus, hemp rope is a trusted material due to its durability and robustness, so as a hemp dog toy, it will be reliable and non-toxic to your pup.

Why Hemp Ropes Are the Perfect Hemp Dog Toys

Why are Hemp Ropes
the Best Hemp Dog Toys

When you have hemp rope toys for your pup, they will offer significant advantages such as;

They Are an Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Material.

Hemp rope is a natural fiber derivative

 The hemp plant requires little water, and there isn’t pesticide use when growing.

Therefore, you have hemp products that are environmentally friendly plus biodegradable. 

This approach ensures a sustainable product free from harming the environment and consumers.

Unlike plastic dog toys, these hemp dog toys don’t harm the environment, and they will be a remarkable choice for your pup to enjoy.

Moreover, they don’t have harmful chemicals or materials, so they are safe for your furry friend.

A Healthy Stuff Lab research tested over 400 pet products, including beds, chew toys, stuffed toys, collars, leashes, and tennis balls.

They found that 45% of pet products tested had detectable levels of one or more hazardous chemicals.

Hence, hemp toys are the best choice for your pup since you won’t be concerned about harmful materials affecting your dog.

They Are Great for Dental Health and Promote Healthy Teeth

Hemp rope toys are associated with good oral health due to chewing, and hemp fibers act as a natural toothbrush.

A study investigated chewing’s influence on a dog’s dental health. Periodontal disease is the most common oral condition in dogs, caused by bacterial plaque that accumulates on tooth surfaces, resulting in gingival inflammation (gingivitis). 

Chewing disrupts the accumulating plaque and is, therefore, a self-cleaning action. 

Chewing also stimulates the flow of saliva, which contains antibacterial agents that help clean the mouth. 

Therefore, chewing’s initial physical abrasions, plus the resulting saliva flow, help keep the mouth clean.

Therefore, you have a good reason to introduce hemp rope as chew toys because it will aid in dental health and oral hygiene. 

Since dogs love chewing, why not introduce hemp dog toys to stimulate this behavior and avoid destructive chewing, like on household objects like furniture or shoes?

They Are Durable, Hypoallergenic, and Antibacterial.

Hemp toys have antibacterial properties and don’t require frequent washing.

It encourages the durability and longevity of hemp products.

Thus, you’ll have toys that won’t break apart, unlike plastic toys that can break into small pieces. 

So, these pieces can easily be consumed by pups. Thus, you are risking choking or gastrointestinal blockage. 

Also, these hemp dog toys are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.


They Helped With Anxiety and Stress Relief.

A hemp rope can also be a chew toy. Thereby, you’re aiding in your pet’s relief from stress and anxiousness.

A study examined the provision of chew toys to promote cognitive function and stress and anxiety relief in dogs.

They found that in dogs with high levels of fearfulness (anxiousness/stress), a higher prevalence of chewing resulted in better working memory performance. 

In dogs with low levels of fearfulness, a higher prevalence of chewing resulted in poorer working memory performance. 

Chewing is naturally rewarding to dogs and maybe a coping mechanism for stress. 

It is recommended that dogs be assigned with chew toys as a form of enrichment. 

Also, in dogs with high fearfulness, more frequent chewing when given access to a chew toy was associated with better spatial working memory, while the opposite was true for dogs with low fearfulness.

Therefore, besides aiding in alleviating your stress and anxiety, chewing a toy for dogs has been associated with better short-term memory or retaining information.

Hemp Rope for Dog Toys

In Conclusion Hemp Rope for Dog Toys

Hemp rope is a natural material that’s durable, strong, and eco-friendly, making it a relevant product for numerous applications.

And one such application is being used as hemp dog toys.

These dog toys are excellent because of their sustainability.

hey are free from harmful materials, promote oral hygiene, are hypoallergenic, and relieve anxiousness and stress for dogs.

Therefore, by choosing hemp ropes as your pup’s ideal toy, you are choosing a product that will provide a happy and healthy playtime.

Thus, as a dog parent, you will have a hemp dog toy that is not only environmentally friendly. But also the right, risk-free, and healthy choice for your furry friend.

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