Hemp Muslin Fabrics

Hemp Muslin Fabrics are a plain woven fabric with many applications.

Choose the right weight and color for your next product line or project and be amazed at the properties of natural hemp fabrics.

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  • CT-M4
    This lightweight hemp cotton muslin is used for clothing, napkins, liners, and much...
  • CS-M5
    Medium to light weight, airy, plain weave hemp cotton muslin. Eco-friendly, natural, ready...
  • CT-M8
    This medium weight hemp cotton muslin is eco-friendly, durable, and works well for...
  • CT-S8
    This light airy 100% hemp summer cloth linen can be used for many...
  • RE11262
  • GH10160
    This hemp and organic cotton muslin plan weave fabric is fairly light weight,...
  • CS-HC14
    This medium to heavy weight linen is a great blend of Hemp and...
  • CS-HC11
    This is a wonderful medium weight hemp cotton blend great for clothing, bags,...
  • CT-M7
    Enjoy the benefits of this hemp cotton muslin for clothing, bags, napkins, liners,...
  • CT-M2
    Enjoy this tightly woven hemp cotton muslin for liners, clothing, bags, and much...