Plain Weave

Find the right Plain Weave of Hemp Fabrics for your next product line or project. Be more sustainable, earth-friendly, and benefits from hemps strength and durability.

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  • RE11401
    Great for bags, clothing, artwork, upholstery and much more! Made from hemp organic...
  • CT-C18
    This hemp canvas is great for art, upholstery, clothing, bags and much more!
  • CT-C18-OLV
    This strong, duable, eco-friendly green hemp canvas is great for bags, clothing, upholstery...
  • H-L10
    This medium weight hemp linen is awesome for clothing, art, upholstery and much...
  • CT-M8
    This medium weight hemp cotton muslin is eco-friendly, durable, and works well for...
  • H-L17
    This is a strong, durable, eco-friendly hemp linen great for your next product...
  • CT-C18-GRY
  • CT-S8
    This light airy 100% hemp summer cloth linen can be used for many...
  • CT-C18-BLK
    This black hemp canvas is strong, rugged and great for many applications.
  • H-P6
    This is an authentic 100% Linen 6oz Fabric from Poland with great qualities....
  • CS-C11-DRK
    This lovely plain weave hemp linen is also like a canvas fabric and...