Bulk Hemp Rope

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It’s NON-Toxic, 100% Natural, Durable & Stronger!

By using hemp rope for your projects you are contributing to making this planet CLEANER, HEALTHIER and safer for future generations!

Hemp Rope has been used for as long as 8,000 – 10,000 years, some say.

It’s been used for innumerable applications such as towing, rigging on sail boats, fastening things, tying things up or down, hunting, attaching, lifting, carrying, climbing, not to mention props and tons of artistic projects.

A Little Hemp Rope History

The first ropes are said to be twisted from Cannabis hemp fibers!

Hemp rope was the dominant rope used during the age of sailing ships as part of the boat’s rigging and anchor cord. Hemp is one of the strongest, long-lasting, durable, mold resistant fibers on earth.
Using hemp rope is a direct way of changing the way we do business on the planet and contributes to living in harmony with our community and earth.

Hemp Rope is of paramount importance in fields as diverse as construction, seafaring, interior design, nautical applications, exploration, sports, crafts and communications.

Bulk Hemp Warehouse offers several sizes of hemp rope for various uses and all ropes are NON-Toxic and Chemical Free | SAFE for pets and humans. We offer Chinese and European sources and are gearing up to offer American grown hemp as soon as possible! Stay tuned for that!

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  • 12mm Hemp Rope Coil - 50 Yards
  • 5mm Hungarian Hemp Rope - 20 meter Coil
  • 4MM Hemp Rope - Romanian - 82 Meters Coil
  • Bulk Hemp Rope - Romanian 8mm - 26 Meters
  • Braided Hemp Cord - 5.6MM | Hemp Drawsting
  • Hemp Twine - 5mm | 120ft Coil