Planting Hemp Seeds

Viable Hemp Planting seeds are specifically for propagation of large scale agricultural applications.

We have a few options for plantings seeds, namely fiber and grain varieties.

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  • SEED-03B
    Certified Hemp Planting Seeds for for Propagation Purposes.
  • SEED-04
    This variety of hemp is great for fiber production, and could also be...
    Chinese seeds for fiber or grain production.
  • SEED-03-LH
    These hemp seeds are for propagating farmland for the production of hemp seeds...
    Glesia Hemp Plantings Seeds are an agricultural certified hemp seed for growing Hemp...
    Get your Certified Planting Seeds for Propagation for Dual Crop Purposes.
  • ANKA1
    Planting Seeds for Propagating Fiber Production.
    Hemp planting seed for propagation purposes for seed and fiber production.