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Natural Hemp Twill Tape 1.5inch Webbing
In Stock

Hemp Twill Tape 1.5 inch Webbing – 100 Yard Coil

$85.00 - $92.00
In Stock

1 Inch Hemp Webbing | 50 Meter Coil Natural Romanian

$145.00 - $165.00
In Stock

1.5 Inch Hemp Webbing | 50 Meters Natural Romanian

$165.25 - $199.00

Bulk Hemp Webbing is a very strong, flat strip of woven fabric often used for straps harnesses and other fashionable and functional uses!

Below you’ll find Romanian, Chinese, and a variety of hemp webbing options.

Why Don’t We Offer American or Canadian Hemp Webbing?

There are no manufacturing facilities in North America that are able to produce hemp webbing or fabrics.

It’s a very costly investment for a manufacturer to set up for this and there aren’t enough American hemp farmers producing quality hemp fibers, but it WILL happen in the hopefully near future!

What are the Most Popular Uses for Hemp Webbing?

It’s a versatile component used in climbing, slack-lining, towing, parachuting, military apparel, belts, suspenders, leashes and hemp webbing can be used for collars, backpack straps, duffel bags and more …

In furniture webbing can be used in couches and chairs, as a base for the seating areas.

Is Our Hemp Webbing Organic?

Although there are NO PESTICIDES, HERBICIDES or funky chemicals used in the growing, harvesting, manufacturing or transportation of our hemp webbing, it is not certified organic. But it’s as organic as it gets. it’s safe for humans and pets!

Hemp is not just strong it can be quite durable. Webbing is also used to reinforce joints and areas that tend to flex.

The strength of the hemp fiber makes it a natural alternative to nylon or polyester webbing.

We offer two webbing styles to choose from: Hemp Canvas Webbing, and a Twill Webbing.

What’s the difference between Hemp Canvas Webbing vs Hemp Twill Webbing?

Just like hemp fabrics, hemp webbing is a woven product. Meaning the hemp yarn is criss crossed to form a strong, durable mesh wish a particular thickness, width and length.

How long is a Hemp Webbing Coil?

The coils we offer are generally 50 yards or 50 Meters in length.

Can You Get Custom Hemp Webbing Made?

Actually yes, if you don’t see a particular size or color on our site, please reach out and let us know what you’re looking for, as we may be able to produce it, if you’re able to meet our minimums.

If you’re looking for where to buy hemp webbing, just know that it’s our Mission & Purpose to bring YOU the BEST QUALITY, BEST VALUE Hemp Webbing from around the world.

You can count on Hemp, and you can count on us for your hemp webbing needs!

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