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Hemp Hurd Powder Bulk Wholesale
In Stock

Hemp Hurd Powder 2mm – Per Pound

$2.50 - $16.30
Bulk Hemp Hurd Fiber Hempcrete
In Stock

100% Hemp Hurd 1/2 inch (15mm) Per Pound

$1.49 - $3.99
150 Micron Hemp Hurd Powder Milled Per Pound
In Stock

Milled Hemp Hurd Powder – 150 Microns Per Pound

$3.00 - $16.00
HempCrete Mini DIY Kit - 16oz
In Stock

HempCrete Mini DIY Kit – 16oz

Hemp Hurd Powder Bulk Wholesale
In Stock

Hemp Hurd Powder 0.6mm – Per Pound

$12.50 - $17.50
Hemp Hurd Powder Bulk Wholesale
In Stock

Hemp Hurd Powder 200 Micron (.2mm)- Per Pound | Soil Amendment

$2.50 - $16.00
Pallet of 100% Hemp Hurds | 15 Kilos/bag
On Sale!
In Stock

Hemp Hurd Compressed Bale | Animal Bedding or HempCrete 3 Cubic Feet

$20.00 - $33.00
Compressed Hemp Hurd Fiber for Horse Bedding and Hempcrete
On Sale!
In Stock

Hemp Hurd Compressed Bale | Hemp Animal Bedding HempCrete or Mulch – 30lbs

$20.00 - $44.00
Hemp Hurd Bale Bulk Wholesale Hemp Hurd for Hempcrete & Animal Bedding
In Stock

Hemp Hurd Bale | Aprx 600lbs


Hemp Hurd Products for Sale

We know that you value the quality of the products you make for your customers as well as the environment.

On this page, you’ll find all of our hemp-hurd products. Some are for building, some for animal bedding, paper making, hemp mulch, and so much more!

What is Hemp Hurd Fiber?

If you aren’t finding the exact specifications you need call us and see if we can provide you with custom specifications for your needs.

Hemp hurd fiber, also known as shives or hemp core fiber, is the woody inner part of the hemp stalk, found beneath the outer bast fiber layer in the hemp plant.

While the outer bast fiber is known for its strength and is used in textiles and other high-strength materials, hemp hurd has different characteristics and uses.

Why Get Your Hurd Hemp Fibers from Bulk Hemp Warehouse?

With more than 18 years of experience in the hemp industry, we are ideally positioned to help you accomplish your visions and dreams with HEMP!

We believe that this world can truly be healed and that humans can live in harmony with nature through the conscious utilization of hemp.

Let’s make it hempen together.

Explore our other hemp fiber options here.

If you don’t see the particular hemp bast fiber product you’re looking for, give us a call and see if we can provide you with the specifications you need: 805-410-4367

Are you making hemp composites or hemp-based plastic products?

We’d love to chat and see how we can help bring your product to life with hemp hurd fibers!

Check out our NEW HempCrete Calculator here.

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