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Hemp Hurd Bale | Aprx 600lbs


Enjoy this locally grown and process Bulk Wholesale Hemp Hurd Fiber for your next building project or for hemp animal bedding!


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    2-4 business days.

Hemp is Sustainable
Hemp is Tree-Free
Hemp is Biodegradable
Hemp is Vegan

Get your building projects done right with this NEW American Hemp Hurd supersac!

As you probably know hemp hurds are the inner-core fiber of the hemp stalk.

This is the woody, soft part of the hemp stalk. It’s what’s left over when the bark fiber is removed.

There are so many applications for hemp shives/hurds. And now with this powdered version, there are even more applications.

This is the fiber that produces non-woven items.

This 1/4 inch Hemp Hurd Powder can essentially do what wood chips can do… HEMP is just more sustainable and superior in longevity, durability, and strength.

Like wood chips, hemp hurds can be used for all cellulose-dependent uses…

Such as Filters, Composites, HempCrete, Mulch, Pet Bedding, and so much more!

Check out our NEW HempCrete Calculator here.

Bulk Hemp Hurd Large Bale SPECIFICATIONS

Material: 100% Hemp
Size: 1/4 in.
Packaging: Supersac
Origin: America (USA)
Weight: Each bale can vary and is around 600lbs (Varies from 550lbs – 650lbs per Bale)

HEMP HURD APPLICATIONS (Hemp Animal Bedding & HempCrete)

  • Animal bedding for both horses and small mammals
  • Mulch for gardens and planters, trees, etc.
  • Stuffing for meditation cushions
  • Children’s “Sandboxes”
  • They are also used in the construction for such diverse products as composite panels (hemp board) as well as a type of building applications like hemp bricks or other concepts.


You must have the proper equipment to offload this large heavy bale.

You are going to need a bale squeeze, a forklift or a heavy-duty pallet jack to safely move this.

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