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Waxed_Hemp_Twine 700ft Spool
In Stock

Hemp Wick Waxed Hemp with Twine Bees Wax 700ft

$8.29 - $18.20
In Stock

Hemp Wick | 1MM – 200ft Ball

$4.99 - $13.99
In Stock

Organic Hemp Wick (Waxed Hemp Twine) | 2MM – 200ft Ball

$9.50 - $12.50
In Stock

Organic Hemp Wick (Waxed Hemp Twine) | 2MM – 100ft Ball

$7.50 - $10.50

If you need waxed hemp twine otherwise known as hemp wick, we’ve got the supply for YOU!

Uses for HempWick (Waxed Hemp Twine)

Hemp wick, which is hemp twine coated in beeswax, is known for its natural and efficient burning properties.

Here’s a list of at least 10 uses for hemp wick:

Lighting Candles: Hemp wick burns steadily and slowly, making it perfect for lighting candles, especially those with hard-to-reach wicks.

Smoking: Hemp Wick Lighters are super popular. Many people prefer using hemp wick to light pipes or cigars as it burns at a lower temperature than lighters and doesn’t release butane, preserving the natural flavors.

Camping and Outdoor Activities: Due to its natural materials, hemp wick is a great tool for starting campfires or lighting stoves in the great outdoors.

Crafts and DIY Projects: Its texture and durability make hemp wick a good choice for macramé, jewelry making, or any project requiring sturdy, decorative twine.

Sealing Wax Stamps: Hemp wick can be used to melt sealing wax when securing letters or adding a traditional touch to documents.

Emergency Lighting: In case of power outages, it can serve as a reliable light source or be used to easily light candles or oil lamps.

Aromatherapy: When lighting incense or aromatic oils, hemp wick doesn’t interfere with the scent as some butane lighters might.

Gardening: It can be used for staking plants or marking rows in a garden due to its biodegradable nature.

Cooking: Chefs sometimes use hemp wick to light stoves or grills to avoid the taste of lighter fluid in their food.

Art: It can be incorporated into sculptures, mixed media art, or used as a frame or base for small art projects due to its flexible yet sturdy nature.

These are just a few examples of how versatile hemp wick can be.

Its natural composition and slow-burning properties make it suitable for a wide range of activities, especially where precision or natural solutions are preferred.

Why Choose Bulk Hemp Warehouse for Your Hemp Wick Needs

With over 18 years of experience in the hemp industry, we are ideally positioned to help bring your projects to life with HEMP! Whether you need hemp wick for person use, or if you need private label packaging with your branding, we’ve got you covered.

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