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Ultimate Guide to Hemp Sprouts: Benefits, Uses & Instructions

Guide to Hemp Sprouts Benefits uses Instructions

Introduction to Hemp Sprouts (Hemp Microgreens)

In this hempowering guide you will learn about the difference between hemp sprouts and hemp microgreens, how to sprout hemp seeds, and the benefits and value of using them in your lifestyle.

You may have been wondering, can hemp seeds be sprouted? Well after reading this hemp sprout guide, you should have everything you need to hempower someone else with this important knowledge.

Millions of people are struggling with sickness and disease, due to environmental and dietary influence.

If there was one superfood on this planet that we stand behind to nourish and uplift humanity it would be HEMP.

We’ve been on a mission for over 18 years to bring hemp to the people in its many forms, and what a better way to create more peace on earth than to support a healthier happier life with hemp sprouts.

Get the most important information you need and learn why you should be consuming hemp sprouts daily.

Hemp Sprouts Hemp Microgreens

What are Hemp Sprouts & Hemp Microgreens?

Hemp sprouts are soaked germinated and sprouted from whole hemp seeds.

The perfect time to eat hemp sprouts can vary from person to person. It really depends on what sort of flavor profile you like your sprouts to be.

If you allow the sprouts to mature longer than 1 week they become microgreens, and are a bit more grassy as the chlorophyll is increasing.

Hemp Sprouts are one of the most complete sources of nutrition on the planet, and can help solve many nutrient deficient ailments, as you will learn about in this article.

We hope this Ultimate Guide to Hemp Sprouts will give you the information you need to feel confident in making your own hemp sprouts, and sharing the info with as many others as you can, so we can hempower the world with better health together!

Young industrial hemp plants, Cannabis ruderalis, from above

What are the nutritional benefits of hemp sprouts?

As all sprouts are the beginning of LIFE, hemp sprouts are jam packed full of energy and nutrients that are known to have many benefits.

Namely, amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants known as cannaflavins.

If you’re looking for a fresh, healthy, nutritious food source, hemp sprouts are a vital solution.

If you likes sunflower sprouts, mung bean sprouts, or herb sprouts you will love hemp sprouts and microgreens.

So let’s dive into some of the essential nutrients contained in hemp sprouts and microgreens.


Cannabis Hemp Sprouts have a unique set of flavonoids called cannaflavins.

These cannabflavins develop more into the microgreen stage of the life cycle, but are very much present in the sprout phase as well.

What’s amazing about these flavonoids special to hemp sprouts is that they are known to be more effective than aspirin providing an anti-inflammatory affect.

So if you’re dealing with any sort of nerve pain or aching, get yourself some hemp sprouts as soon as you can.

There are two known cannaflavins called Cannaflavin A and Cannaflavin B.

These are the active compounds that are said the provide more benefit than aspirin.


All plant life when in a living state has essential enzymes that help every metabolic function of the body. Foods high in protein and going to be high in proteolytic enzymes.

These types of enzymes help to break down proteins into their simpler amino acid form.

So the good news is that consuming hemp sprouts in your diet can assist with digestion of other nutrients and proteins.

Another enzyme present in hemp sprouts is cellulase, which can assist in breaking down fiber in the system.

It’s safe to say that the enzyme content of hemp sprouts is nothing short of supporting vital health.

Enzymes are the spark of life, and hemp sprouts contain essential enzymes to support a healthy lifestyle and support healthy digestion.

Lastly on hemp-based enzymes, when a seed is germinated and then sprouted it releases some of it’s enzyme inhibitors such as phytic acid.

These are little things that preserve the seeds life, but aren’t so good for digestion.


(Amino Acids) – Hemp sprouts just as hemp seeds contain all the essential amino acids. 

Amino Acids are what make up different types of protein our bodies require for regeneration and maintaining cellular health.

A couple of the vital amino acids found in hemp sprouts are edistine, and arginine and glutamic acid.

These are all essential protein for rebuilding healthy cells, healthy muscle and revitalizing the tissues.

Hemp also contains high levels of glycine and isoleucine making it a superior source of protein than soybeans or pumpkin seeds. 

Hemp Fatty Acids

You may know about hemp seeds and hemp seed oil containing good unsaturated omega fatty acids like 3, 9 & 9 – but did you know they are also present in hemp sprouts, and in a more bioavailable form.

The fatty acids within hemp sprouts have been found to be neuroprotective. Meaning they help regenerate strong healthy nerves.

Gamma Linoleic Acid is one of the fatty acids present in hemp sprouts which is said to have anti-inflammatory properties.

And what’s amazing about hemp sprouts compared to hemp seeds, is that the GLA increases in upwards of 30%, as described in this educational video on the benefits of hemp sprouts.


These are like the plants hormones. Found to be super neuroprotectants. 


Hemp sprouts are high in magnesium, silica, and other trace minerals.

How to Grow Hemp Sprouts & Microgreens

Hemp Sprouts

First, before we provide the methods for sprouting industrial hemp seeds it’s important to note that results may vary, and we cannot guarantee any results.

It’s important to know your source of seeds and get an idea of the germination rate you are working with.

If you’re looking for whole raw hemp grain seeds you can find our 5lb bag here, and the 50lb Bag of Hemp Grain Seed here.

There are 3 main ways of sprouting hemp seeds, namely, soil methodhydroponic method, & cococore growmatt method.

If you are used to growing any other sprouts you won’t have a hard time growing hemp sprouts. But it’s important to following the instructions and learn from others who have learned the hard way.

For each of these methods it’s a good idea to inspect your seeds for any damaged or broken seeds that will not germinate.

If you’re looking for a few great sprouting tools and more info on sprouting hemp seeds, check out this article from Sprout People.

1. Growing Hemp Sprouts with the Soil Method

First choose the size tray you prefer.

A few common tray sizes are 10in x 20in or 11in x 8in but whatever you have you can use. 

But to give you an idea of how much seed to use, it’s about 50 grams of seed for an 11in x 8in tray.


First, put your seeds in a jar and submerce them in cool water and put the lid on the jar to sit for about 6-12 hours.

Mist the soil everyday with a good amount of water until they get about a quarter inch, then you can water from the bottom tray.


The sweet spot for harvest is about day 5 – 7 after the seeds break ground.

However if you want the sprouts to mature a little more and become more grassy and chlorophyll rich you can wait as long as 14-16 days to harvest.


Depending on the age of the seed or how much handling it has had you can expect a germination rate of anywhere from 0% – 100%.

I know, you’re thinking why would you have 0%? 

Well, if the seeds are irradiated at any point in their transit, this, can affect the viability of the seeds. Or if they are exposed to high heat or direct sunlight for too long they can be damaged and no longer germinate.

You can expect about twice the weight of seeds that you start with. So 1 lb of seeds would make about 2 pounds of sprouts.

2. Growing Hemp Sprouts with the Hydroponic or Jar Method






SOAK: Put your seeds in a jar and submerge them in cool water; put the lid on the jar to soak for 6-12 hours.

When you notice the seeds opening up you can start the rinsing process.

RINSE & DRAIN: Now you will want to rinse them with cool water every 8-16 hours. This will prevent them fresh and hydrated.

There’s a really great lid for mason jars with a screen on it, so it’s super easy to rinse them without having to take off the lid.

YIELD: For all these different methods you can expect a wide range of yields depending on the seed age variety and how it’s been handled. It’s great to taste a sprout or two each time you rinse to determine the best for you.

3. Growing Hemp Sprouts with Coco Coir

SOAK: Moisten your Coco Coir, use as much as you need for your specific tray. Let’ it get hydrated. Then add your allotment of seeds. Use the same ratio as if you are growing in soil.

If you need help with your coco coir, here is a great video for how to prepare it.

WATERING Hemp Sprouts in Coco Coir:

Make sure to water about once a day and make sure the coco coir is well hydrated, but you don’t want the seeds sitting or pooling in water.

YIELD: Just as with the other sprouting methods you can expect about twice the amount of sprouts based on the amount of seeds you’ve started with.

So 50 grams of seed will equate to about 100 grams of sprouts.

Common Questions About Hemp Sprouts

Hemp sprouts are the new lifeform for the first week of the plant life cycle, whereas hemp microgreens is age 1 – 2 weeks.

The first week is when you’ll find the most amount of proteins, healthy fats and essential vitamins such as flavonoids, minerals and phytonutrients.

As the tiny hemp plant life matures it begins developing more fiber and chlorophyll.

How do I sprout hemp seeds?

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Can you get high from hemp sprouts or microgreens?

No absolutely not.

Hemp sprouts are safe for all ages. Cannabinoids form in the flowering tops of a fully mature plant.

Hemp sprouts have negligible amounts of any THC, CBD or any other cannabinoid. As in less than .1% if any.

How much hemp sprouts should I eat in a sitting?

Obviously it depends on the size of your body and how much you weight, but a good rule of thumb is about a 1/4 – 1/2 cup or even more if you’re really hungry.

Some people take hemp sprouts and freeze dry them into a powder for later consumption and preserve them for longer.

Or you can even freeze the fresh sprouts to throw in smoothies and soups when needed.

Do Hemp SProuts Contain CBD?

Hemp Sprouts are never going to contain significant amounts or even any amount that would have any affect. If you’re wanting to get the benefits of cbd, you ought to go with a tincture, or extract, or another concentrated cbd product.


Can Hemp Hearts be Sprouted?

No. Once the shell has been removed from the hemp seed heart it will no longer germinate.


Are Hemp Sprouts Good For You?

Yes. It has been shown that consuming living edible plants, in the sprout form is an essential way of getting powerful energizing nutrition. They are easily digestible, provide soluble and insoluble fiber, and have no known negative side effects.


Can You Eat Hemp Sprouts?

Yes. If you’ve read this far, you know now the hemp sprouts are an essential source of vital nutrients, and can be eating raw, on salads, in smoothies or in stir fry.

Where to Find Hemp Sprouts for Sale

With more than 18 years of experience working with hemp products, it’s super exciting to know that the USA can now consume hemp products and grow hemp products completely legally.

We all knew that it was the right thing to do all along, but humanity is finally coming around.

When I say humanity, I guess I mean that the Governments have caught up to the needs of the people. So although the hemp seed has been used for centuries, it’s like a brand new territory we are venturing together.

Especially, now that all the research and institutions can study this glorious plant.

It’s not likely that you will find hemp sprouts in any of your local major grocery chains.

Hemp sprouts are such a new concept, that the only place you will find them is possibly at your local farmers market, or if you are sprouting them yourself on your kitchen counter.

Looking for Hemp seeds for Sprouting?

If you’re ready to get started you will love our whole hemp seed grain offered in 5lb bags or you can also find the hemp seed grain in 50lb bags here.

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