Hemp Twill Fabrics

Choose from our variety of TWILL WEAVES with hemp and organic cotton.

The twill weave is traditionally a diagonal style weave, like a denim, but typically natural hemp colored. A herringbone is a sort of twill weave.

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  • CT-T12
    This hemp twill fabric is versatile, strong, durable and eco-friendly. Great for clothing,...
  • CS-DL10
    Great for clothing, interior design, eco-friendly and biodegradable with many other uses, and...
  • CT-TL8
    This natural hemp and organic cotton lycra twill fabric has some stretch to...
  • CT-T12-BLK
    Strong. Durable. Long-lasting 100% hemp. Eco-friendly.
  • CT-PT12
    This tightly woven hemp twill fabric is great for upholstery, clothing, interior design,...