Hemp Home Furnishing Fabrics

The hemp fabrics below are all wonderful for home furnishing applications.

From chairs, to couches to curtains to chairs, pillow and more there are no limits to what you can do with these hemp home furnishing fabrics!

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  • H-L10
    This medium weight hemp linen is awesome for clothing, art, upholstery and much...
  • H-L17
    This is a strong, durable, eco-friendly hemp linen great for your next product...
  • SUEDE2
    Hemp Sued is a soft, durable, eco-friendly option for upholstery, furniture, clothing and...
  • CT-C18-BRG
    Using low-impact dyes, this burgundy hemp canvas has a lot to offer with...
  • CS-H12B
    This hemp cotton sheet fabric is soft, durable, great for bedding, liners and...
  • SUED1
    This natural hemp suede is an eco-friendly, vegan suede option, with strength and...
    This birdseye special weave is good for clothing, liners, drapes, and much more!
  • H-C20
    Strong, durable, eco-friendly canvas fabric has many great applications.
  • CT-TL8
    This natural hemp and organic cotton lycra twill fabric has some stretch to...
  • CS-D10
    Enjoy the strength of hemp and the softness of cotton in this ideal...
  • CT-PD12