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Hemp Home Furnishing Fabrics

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Hemp Linen Fabric Per Yard 17oz
Out of Stock

Hemp Linen Fabric – 17oz | Per Yard

$17.39 - $23.18
20 oz Hemp Canvas per yard
In Stock

100% Hemp Canvas 20oz Plain Weave | Per Yard

$17.39 - $23.18
Hemp Linen Fabric 100% Hemp 10z
In Stock

Hemp Linen 10oz | Per Yard

$12.05 - $16.06
In Stock

63% Hemp, 37% Organic Cotton – Indigo Denim | Per Yard

$16.33 - $21.77
100% Hemp Denim - 12oz | Per Yard
In Stock

100% Hemp Denim – 12oz | Per Yard

$23.81 - $31.75
In Stock

100% Hemp Herringbone Fabric – 10.5oz | Per Yard

$17.77 - $23.69
Hemp Suede Fabric - 7.8oz Per Yard
In Stock

Hemp & Cotton (Natural Cream) Hemp Suede Fabric – 7.8oz | Per Yard

$14.99 - $19.99
In Stock

Hemp Canvas (Brown) – 16.5oz | Per Yard

$27.11 - $63.15
Out of Stock

Hemp Twill Fabric – 12 oz | Per Yard

$23.93 - $31.91
16.5 oz Burgundy Hemp Canvas Fabric
In Stock

Hemp Canvas (Burgundy) – 16.5oz | Per Yard

$27.11 - $36.15
In Stock

Hemp & Cotton Suede (Natural Cream) – 10.5oz | Per Yard

$13.70 - $18.26

The hemp fabrics below are all wonderful for hemp home furnishing fabrics.

What are Hemp Home Furnishing Fabrics?

Hemp home furnishing fabrics refer to textiles made from hemp fibers that are specifically designed and used in home decor and furnishings.

These fabrics blend the natural strength, durability, and sustainability of hemp with aesthetic and functional qualities suitable for various home applications.

What are the Benefits and Features of Hemp Home Furnishing Fabrics?

Here’s what makes hemp home furnishing fabrics stand out:

  1. Durability: Hemp fibers are naturally strong and resistant to wear and tear, making them ideal for furnishings that need to withstand regular use, like sofas, chairs, and curtains.
  2. Sustainability: Hemp is an eco-friendly crop; it grows quickly, requires little water, and doesn’t need pesticides or herbicides. Choosing hemp fabrics for home furnishings supports sustainable living practices.
  3. Texture and Appearance: Hemp furnishing fabrics can range from rough and rustic to soft and sophisticated, depending on the weave and finish. They often have a natural, organic look that adds a warm and earthy element to interiors.
  4. Versatility: Hemp can be dyed, printed on, or blended with other fibers to create a wide range of textures and styles. This makes it suitable for everything from minimalist modern designs to traditional or rustic decors.
  5. Comfort: Hemp fabrics are breathable and have good moisture-wicking properties, contributing to a comfortable indoor environment.
  6. Antimicrobial Properties: Hemp has natural antimicrobial and mildew-resistant properties, making it an excellent choice for home textiles, especially in damp or humid environments.
  7. Insulation and UV Resistance: Hemp fabrics provide natural insulation and can help regulate indoor temperature. They’re also resistant to UV light, so they don’t fade as quickly as some other fabrics when exposed to sunlight.
  8. Biodegradable: At the end of their life, 100% hemp fabrics are biodegradable, reducing environmental impact.

Hemp home furnishing fabrics are used in various products, including upholstery, window treatments, rugs, bedding, and decorative pillows.

They offer a sustainable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing option for those looking to enhance their living space with natural materials.

From chairs to couches to curtains to chairs, pillows, and more there are no limits to what you can do with these hemp home furnishing fabrics!

Why Choose Bulk Hemp Warehouse for Your Hemp Fabrics?

With almost two decades of dedication and commitment to providing education, information, and high-quality hemp products, our team of experts is happy to help you find the perfect fit for your project.

And help bring your vision to life with hemp

Together, we can make it hempen.

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