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Hemp Hurd for Hempcrete

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Bulk Hemp Hurd Fiber Hempcrete
In Stock

100% Hemp Hurd 1/2 inch (15mm) Per Pound

$1.49 - $3.99
#2 Hemp Rebar - 0.25 inch
In Stock

#4 Hemp Rebar | 0.5 inch x 4 Feet

$3.01 - $30.00
HempCrete Binder Mix for Sale
On Sale!
In Stock

HempCrete Binder – 50lb Contractor Bag

Original price was: $59.00.Current price is: $50.00.
Pallet of 100% Hemp Hurds | 15 Kilos/bag
On Sale!
In Stock

Hemp Hurd Compressed Bale | Animal Bedding or HempCrete 3 Cubic Feet

$20.00 - $33.00
#2 Hemp Rebar - 0.25 inch
In Stock

#5 Hemp Rebar | 0.625 inch x 4 Feet

$4.15 - $8.82
#2 Hemp Rebar - 0.25 inch
In Stock

#2 Hemp Rebar | 0.25 inch x 4 Feet

$1.48 - $4.25
#2 Hemp Rebar - 0.25 inch
In Stock

#3 Hemp Rebar | 0.375 inch x 4 Feet

$2.13 - $5.37
Compressed Hemp Hurd Fiber for Horse Bedding and Hempcrete
On Sale!
In Stock

Hemp Hurd Compressed Bale | Hemp Animal Bedding HempCrete or Mulch – 30lbs

$20.00 - $44.00
Hemp Hurd Bale Bulk Wholesale Hemp Hurd for Hempcrete & Animal Bedding
In Stock

Hemp Hurd Bale | Aprx 600lbs

Bulk Hemp Warehouse Hemp Hurd Fiber Truckload
In Stock

Hemp Hurd Fiber Truckload 45,000lbs


Hemp Hurd for Building Applications

If you want to work with USA hemp hurd for your next hempcrete project, we’ve got you covered.

What is HempCrete?

Hempcrete is very simple and easy to work with. It consists of a mixture of hemp hull, lime binder, and water.

You mix it up and can make one of the world’s most amazing sustainable, fire-resist, pest-resistant insulation products on earth.

Why HempCrete is so important?

Toxic building syndrome is a real thing, and hemp is an essential solution to building healthier homes.

If you need supersac pallets of hemp hurd, or truckloads of hemp hurd, or just want to experiment with smaller amounts, we’ve got you covered.

On this page, you will find all of the best hemp hurd fiber for sale that contractors and builders have used to erect hempcrete homes and structures around the world.

What is hemp hurd?

Well, two types of fiber come from the hemp stalk: hemp hurd fiber, and hemp bast fiber.

The hurd fiber is the inner core woody-like fiber that is rich in cellulose and other amazing properties such as thermal insulation, and antibacterial and antimicrobial properties as well!

Check out our NEW HempCrete Calculator here.

Hempcrete Calculator - Free Tool

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