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If you’re looking for raw viable, hemp seeds for food applications or if you are needing certified hemp seeds for fiber production or more seed production we are here to serve you with excellence.

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    Hemp Seed Fines are the fragments of hemp seeds and hemp shells that...
  • SEED-04
    This variety of hemp is great for fiber production, and could also be...
    Creamy, Smooth and Delicious, these hulled hemp seed, (hemp hearts) are great for...
  • SEED-02
    Hemp Seed Grain is rich in fiber, essential fatty acids, and protein. Great...
    NEW USA Grown and Process Hulled Hemp Seeds are Creamy, Smooth, Delicious &...
    This organic raw hemp seed grain is perfect for many food applications. For...
    Hemp Hearts are fantastic for many applications, and are smooth, creamy and delicious.
    Healthy, Nutritious, Hulled Hemp Hearts have many applications and taste great! Use for...
  • SEED-03B
    Certified Hemp Planting Seeds for for Propagation Purposes.
    Hemp Grain Seeds are a great source of rich fiber, essential fatty acids,...
  • SEED-03-LH
    These hemp seeds are for propagating farmland for the production of hemp seeds...
    Certified Planting Seed for Agricultural Propagation to grow Hemp Fiber or Seeds.