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Important Hemp Fabric Tips

What Every Customer Should Know about Greige Hemp Fabric Goods

Q: What are Greige goods Fabric?
A: Greige fabric is fabric that is unfinished.

Q: What does this mean?
A: The fabric has just come off of the looms and has not yet been dyed, bleached, shrunk, softened, printed, etc.

Q: How does this affect the characteristics of the fabric?
A: Fabrics in the greige state have several properties that need to be considered when manufacturing. The following is a list of characteristics to expect.


The shrinkage has not yet been taken out of greige fabrics. Greige good fabrics will shrink when washed anywhere from 5%-15% depending upon the weave, the composition, and the lot number. Greige hemp fabric will shrink in unpredictable ways. Even two identical rolls from the same lot have been known to shrink differently.

Tightness/Openness of Weave

When the hemp fabric is washed and shrunk, the weave will naturally close up. This is in direct proportion to the degree of shrinkage obtained. In practical terms, this means that identically woven fabrics may appear different if one of them has been washed, dyed, bleached, or shrunk.


Hemp fabrics are sold in their natural state. NATURAL IS NOT A COLOR! IT IS THE ABSENCE OF COLOR! The natural appearance is determined by the raw color of the hemp fibers and the length of time the fabric was half bleached. NOTE: NO TWO LOTS OF NATURAL HEMP FABRIC WILL BE THE EXACT SAME COLOR.

Q: What is half bleached fabric?
A: Half bleached fabric is fabric that has been bleached for only a short period of time. The fabric is not white, but a lighter color than the greige state. Like greige goods, half bleached fabric does not have all of the shrinkage removed and may also be of varying color shades.

Q: Why are some of the fabrics half bleached?
A: Half beaching the fabric is useful to clean up the fabric by removing excess fibers and to lighten the fabrics color to make them easier to dye and more presentable.

Q: How do I work with Greige Good fabric or half bleached fabric?
A: Sample fabric bought in the greige good state needs to be washed to remove shrinkage. The best way to do this is to cut the fabric into 2-3 yd. pieces. Surge the edges to avoid unraveling and put the pieces in the washing machine. NOTE: HEMP FABRIC THAT HAS NOT BEEN SURGED WILL UNRAVEL WHEN WASHED. Wash with hot water and mild soap. After the wash, place fabric in the dryer and dry until damp. While the hemp is still slightly damp, remove it from the dryer and iron it. This should remove most of the shrinkage and leave you with crisp clean fabric.

Q: What if I don’t want to do all this work?
A: We are fully equipped to finish the hemp fabric to fit our customer’s needs. We have the capability to provide dyeing, softening, shrinkage, brushing, washing, printing, water resistance treatment and more. We only require a minimum of a full roll or 100 yards, whichever is greater to perform this service. Bulk Hemp Warehouse can also refer our customers to dye houses that perform these functions.

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