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Hemp Seed Oil Benefits

Hemp Seed Oil Benefits & Comparison

Hemp Seed Oil: Possibly the Worlds Most Nutritious Oil

Rich in Omega 3 6, & 9 – hemp oil has very nourishing qualities.

Animals, children and elderly folks can all benefit from this fabulous rich green healthy oil.

Our brains and literally every cell in our bodies require essential fatty acids.

The cell membrane would collapse with out healthy fats – and that’s why hemp seed oil is so crucial to our health and well-being.

Fatty acids are important for the joints, ligaments, spinal health and obviously for powerful brain function.

Click Here to see a Comparison Chart of Hemp Seed Oil vs other types of oil.


What Are the Most Popular Hemp Oil Uses?

    • Great in smoothies
    • Ice Cream
    • Salad Dressings
    • Tastes great in Soups (although you don’t want to cook with hemp oil, just add it in at the end.)
    • Lotions and topical products
    • Soaps, Shampoos & Conditioners
    • It can be blended in with extracts and other nutritive and supplement products
    • Encapsulate or blended with other health supplements

What are the TOP 7 MAIN Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil?

  1. The Flavor: The first most notable aspect of Hemp Oil is to acknowledge how tasty it is. It’s nutty, and very delicious.It tastes similar to olive oil or sun flower seed oil.

    It’s not quite as bitter as olive oil can be, and it’s a bit more nutty tasting than sun flower oil. I hope that gives you a good idea of how it tastes

  2. Rich in Minerals: Another fabulous benefit of hemp oil is the nutritional content.It contains not only the omega fatty acids mentioned above, but it also has valuable minerals such as calciumphosphoruszincironmagnesium and potassium.

    Each of these minerals have their own benefits that we won’t get into here, so just know that minerals are like the nails and screws that help build your body.

    Although hemp seed oil doesn’t contain much protein – as it has been extracted and separated from the seed – it does have the essential nutrients we require for vital health.

  3. Great for Vegetarians: Hemp Seed Oil is an excellent alternative to fish oil.Not only does it taste better, it’s far more sustainable on the environment and doesn’t require taking the life of a fish. (Which vegetarians and vegans really appreciate.)
  4. Wonderful for Skin & Hair: Because of the beneficial fatty acids, hemp oil is a wonder nutrient for your skin and hair.It feeds the cell membrane with living oils which your cells just LOVE!

    And with regard to feeding your hair follicles, oils, as you may well know, are crucial for healthy hair growth and shine!

  5. Support a Healthy Nervous System: Fatty acids are essential in the nourishment of the myelin sheath around your every nerve in the body.So if you’re not consuming healthy fats on a regular basis, especially hemp seed oil or hemp seeds, you can potentially be setting yourself up for sensitive nerves and therefore more physical pain.

    Studies have shown that a commitment to consuming healthy fats, such as flax and other fatty acids, that arthritic pain has been greatly reduced, and NSAID drugs have been able to be greatly minimized or stopped entirely.

  6. A Healthier Attitude or Mindset: Now of course there’s many ways of improving your mood or mental health.Since your brain is about 80% made from fats, wouldn’t you think that the quality of fats you’re consuming is important on your brain health, and therefore mental outlook and attitude.

    As I mentioned, it’s not just about food or eating healthy oils, you really do require discipline and good amounts of clean water, exercise and being in nature, among other things, but this is a vital key to brain health, and one of the most important benefits of hemp seed oil!

  7. Vitamin E & Antioxidant Potential: Did you know that vitamin E, which of course is contained in hemp oil, is a vital antioxidant, that not only helps ward off free-radicals from damaging your cells, it also helps to detoxify the liver – your most important organic of detoxification. If your liver is backed up, then the blood becomes toxic and harbors pathogens, parasites and the the like.

We hope you’ve received some valuable insights and knowledge on the benefits of hemp oil on this page.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS or comments about hemp seed oil or anything hemp related, we are more than happy to be of service.

Feel free to call us today with your questions: 805-410-4367, or send us a friendly email here.

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