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Category: Hemp Grain Seeds

Category: Hemp Grain Seeds

The purpose of these seeds are specifically for food products.

Great for pressing into oil, using as a food source, bird feed and much more!

These seeds are different from hemp planting seeds in that the germination rate is much lower and they are not first generation. These seeds are not intended to be used in agricultural or propagation situations.

Category: Hemp Grain Seeds

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Whole Hemp Seed Grain 5lb
In Stock

Exclusive Whole USA Hemp Grain Seed – 5 lb bag

Experience whole USA hemp grain seeds by the 5 lb bag! Whole Hemp Seeds...
Organic Hemp Grain Seeds
In Stock

Organic Raw Hemp Seed Grain | 45lb

$149.00 - $199.00
This organic raw hemp seed grain is perfect for many food applications. For pressing...
In Stock

Raw Viable Hemp Seed Grain | 50lb

$99.00 - $179.00
Viable Hemp Seed Grain is a great source of rich fiber, essential fatty acids,...
USA Hemp Foods Sample Kit
In Stock

USA Hemp Food Sample Kit

Get your USA Hemp Foods Sample kit to test out the best option for...

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