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Shipping & Returns


Bulk Hemp Warehouse has multiple fulfillment centers, and on average it takes 3-5 business days for any order to be shipped to their respective customers. Every order shall incur a processing time depending upon the size and availability of the products ordered.

Although Company’s typical lead-time for getting orders out is 3-5 business days, it could take longer.

Company remains in good communication with customer, and if an order is delayed customer will be notified by email or phone.

There might be instances where the Company miscalculates the shipping costs, owing to the large number of fulfillment centers. Sometimes we might charge more than the actual shipping cost and at other times we might charge less. In both circumstances we might either refund the extra cost incurred or might request the customers to bear the extra expense, except in situations where the difference is insignificant. In any case, we request our customers to cooperate with us and accept our apologies for any inconvenience that might have occurred.


Bulk Hemp Warehouse does its very best to keep the online store updated in relation to the product stocks available.

However, there may be instances where a customer places an order for a product that is out of stock, but we failed to update its availability, owing to the large number of vendors, suppliers and strategic partners we have.

In events like these, we offer our customers either a full refund or request them to wait till the stocks are available. In instances, where the customer chooses to wait, we diligently keep them informed regarding the new processing and shipping times. Moreover, we offer our deepest apology to our customers in these instances of inconvenience.


All the products at Bulk Hemp Warehouse are paid for prior to the release of shipment. Returns are only accepted in event of the shipment not including the product ordered or the product being damaged. The customer has a timeframe of thirty (30) days to return items eligible for return.

The eligibility of every order shall be determined by our support staff; therefore, every customer is required to contact our support staff before returning any items. Since Bulk Hemp Warehouse has multiple fulfillment centers and locations that we ship from, the address for return shipping shall be provided to the customer at the time of determining the eligibility of return orders.

Once the items have reached Company’s respective return address, we shall refund the price of the returned items to the account of our customers making the return.

We at Bulk Hemp Warehouse respect the decisions of our customers, and therefore, we allow our customers to exchange their products if they change their mind. The customers shall have a timeframe of thirty (30) days to ship their products to our respective return address (which shall be provided by our support staff).

The customers should also inform our support staff of the product (or items) they need in exchange of the returned product. For exchange orders, the customers shall bear the expense of shipping to the return address, and for the NEW product that is to be shipped out.

REGARDING FOOD PRODUCTS: All of the food grade products we offer are shipped from a food grade facility. If your packaged is damaged when it arrives, please refuse the package with the carrier, document the damages, and notify us as soon as possible.

If you made a mistake by ordering the wrong product, or no longer need the product you ordered, we are not able to accept products back to the food grade facility, and therefore cannot provide a refund for these items.

NOTE:  The exchange orders shall not be accepted in event of the products (or items) being damaged or altered in any shape or form. Otherwise there will be a partial refund, at the discretion of Company.


We at Bulk Hemp Warehouse use multiple shipping methods to ship out our products, depending upon the size of the order and the urgency demanded by the client. All shipping methods incur different costs and have delivery times.

SMALL TO MEDIUM ORDERS: Most orders are shipped using FedEx and USPS (United States Postal Service). However, for perishable items we use UPS as our shipping agency or a larger freight company for bulk orders.

LARGE ORDERS: There are instances where the order sizes are considerably large (these may include bulk orders) and cannot be shipped out using the aforementioned logistic companies. In situations like these, we may use a Freight Quote Company to get the best possible freight options (in terms of cost and time), coming up with the most economic option possible for our customers.

Our customers can login on our portal at to request a freight quote from us for any of our products. The request shall be processed and returned with a freight quote in a period of about 1-2 business days.

Moreover, if any of our customers deem the shipping costs provided by us as unreasonable or expensive or have any other issues, and they want to handle the shipping by themselves, they will find us committed in helping them achieve that, which includes Bulk Hemp Warehouse recommending feasible freight options and companies.

In addition, if any of our customers have an account with the aforesaid shipping companies i.e. FedEx, UPS or USPS, they can inform us of their account numbers (if applicable), and we will send their orders against their account number, such that they will be directly charged by the shipping companies and not Bulk Hemp Warehouse.


We at Bulk Hemp Warehouse always try to ensure that the products ordered by our customers reach their doorstep as soon as possible, and as a part of that initiative we also offer our customers expedited shipping. The customers can request expedited shipping by either calling us at 805-410-4367 or emailing their request at su*****@bu***************.com. Although, as a result of an expedited shipping request, we try to ship orders as fast as practically possible. However, the customers must bear in mind that it will not always be possible for us to entertain their requests, especially if they need their orders shipped in a very narrow timeframe.


Orders shipped from Bulk Hemp Warehouse are not insured. The only insurance that exists in our supply chain is one that is provided by the abovementioned shipping companies (in the “SHIPPING METHODS” section). Although, we only use shipping companies that have a good track record regarding the product condition at arrival, but we would consider our customers’ request of an insured shipping, which would come at the expense of an extra cost. Our customers can request insured shipping by contacting us at su*****@bu***************.com.


If the shipping is being handled by Bulk Hemp Warehouse, we will make sure that all the customs, duties and any applicable taxes are covered in the product cost. However, we are not responsible in event of there being any additional taxes, in the jurisdiction where the product is being shipped.


It is in Bulk Hemp Warehouse’s best interest that they protect themselves from fraudulent customers, orders and transactions. We along with the payment processors we use, have in place, multiple layers of security regarding financial transactions. Therefore, we consider it our right to be able to refuse service to any customer that we in our best possible knowledge, consider to be fraudulent. In such a case, the payment method of such a client will not be charged and their personal information (payment method details) will be stored with us temporarily, to prevent any future event of fraudulent transaction by the same customer.

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