Blank Hemp Apparel

Choosing hemp clothing or hemp apparel is a  safer, healthier, stronger, and more sustainable decision for your company or personal project – and the planet!

Whether you’re looking for a custom manufactured piece of hemp clothing, or you want to work with our existing hemp apparel line, we look forward to assisting you to accomplish your goals!

Contact us today for a custom order of hemp shirts, t-shirts.

We are happy to work with you and get you the colors, sizes and quantities you require!

Give us a call today for pricing and availability: 805-410-4367

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  • Mens Blank Hemp T Shirt - Terpene Green
    Enjoy this blank hemp and organic cotton t-shirt to put your own artwork...
  • Cannaprint Hemp Natural Boxers
    NEW Hemp Boxers with Hemp Leaf Pattern. Super comfy. Super cool.
  • Hemp T-shirt Print Natural with Green
    NEW Hemp and Organic Cotton T-Shirt with Hemp Leaf Pattern. Super comfy. Super...
  • Canna Print Pocket T-shirt
    NEW Hemp Leaf Pattern Hemp & Organic T-shirt. Super comfy. Super Cool!
  • Hemp T-shirts Canna Print
    Brand New Hemp & Organic Cotton T-shirt with Hemp Leaf Pattern. Very Comfy....
  • Cannabis Hemp Print Hoody Black Green
    Brand NEW Cannaprint Hoodie. Super comfy, and way cool. Made with Hemp &...
  • Green Hemp Hoodie cannaprint
    Made with Hemp & Organic Cotton, this hoodie is styling and comfy!