Industrial Hemp Products

In this section you’ll find many of the raw industrial hemp materials we have available.

If there isn’t something here that you are looking for please feel free to reach out and we will be happy to assist you.

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  • PH-10
    The 10mm Hemp Hurd Powder is not so much a powder as much...
  • SPC
    Great for sampling and experimenting with hempcrete. Good for schools, classes, or just...
  • SEED-06
    Get 1 liter of industrial hemp seed oil for your next project. This...
  • PH-0.6
    The 0.6mm Hemp Hurd Powder is used as a filler in plastics, alternative...
  • Binder1
    The perfect blend of 5 proprietary elements to produce an ideal binder for...
  • F-DG1
    Degummed Hemp Fiber is a cottoned long hemp fiber that is great for...
  • PH-10-1-1
    This NEW Revolutionary product can be used in many applications from plastics, to...
    Short Fiber Hemp Hurd is great for animal bedding, hempcrete, mulch and more!
  • SEEDOIL-07
    This is industrial hemp seed oil, that can be used for many applications...
    Working on a large hempcrete project or need a lot of hemp hurd...
  • F-H3
    Hurd or Shive fibers are great for hempcrete, paper making, mulch, animal bedding...