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Hemp Hurd Compressed Bale | Animal Bedding or HempCrete 3 Cubic Feet
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Hemp Hurd Compressed Bale | Animal Bedding or HempCrete 3 Cubic Feet


Get bulk pricing for high-quality USA-grown and processed hemp hurd fiber – these are Hemp Hurd Compressed Bale for hemp horse bedding, hempcrete, and many other uses.

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Bulk Pricing Per Unit

Quantity Price
1 $33.00
50 $25.50
100 $21.50
500+ $20.00
Hemp is Sustainable
Hemp is Tree-Free
Hemp is Biodegradable
Hemp is Vegan

The compressed bale of hemp hurd is intended for larger projects or wholesale distribution.

The main uses for this product are for hempcrete, animal and hemp horse bedding, and mulch, and can be used in composite products.

Compressed Hemp Hurd Bale Specifications

HURD SIZE: Average hurd fiber size: 3/4″
BAG SIZE: Hurd Compressed Bags are about 24″ x 19″ x 12″ | 3.2 cubic foot bag
WEIGHT: Approx 18 pounds per bale

Hemp Horse Bedding & Hurd for Hempcrete White Label & Custom Packaging Services

Do you need your labels and branding for this product?

With a 50-bale Minimum Order Quantity we can adhere your labels to the bags for you.

Feel free to send in a quote request by visiting this page here and sending us your details.

Benefits of Hemp Hurd Compressed Bale

  • Low dust levels compared to other wood chips and other fiber products
  • Sustainable, and Earth-friendly
  • Low Carbon Footprint
  • Easy to work with.
  • Great for many applications

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