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Hemp Hurd Powder Bulk Wholesale
In Stock

Hemp Hurd Powder 2mm – Per Pound

$2.50 - $16.30
Raw Long Bast Hemp Fiber Per Pound
Out of Stock

Raw Uncombed Bast Hemp Fiber | Per Pound

$1.50 - $4.00
Clean Hemp Bast Fiber Per Pound Bulk Wholesale
Out of Stock

Clean Hemp Bast Fiber Per Pound

$2.50 - $11.00
USA Hemp Short Bast Fiber 0.5 inch
In Stock

USA Short Hemp Bast Fiber 0.5 inch – Per Pound

$2.55 - $8.99
Short Clean Hemp Bast Fiber
In Stock

USA Short Clean Hemp Bast Fiber | 1mm to 4mm – Per Pound

$2.99 - $10.00
Hemp Sliver - Hemp Roving for Sale Unbleached
In Stock

Hemp Sliver Natural Taupe – Per Pound

$21.09 - $42.17
Hemp Hurd Powder Bulk Wholesale
In Stock

Hemp Hurd Powder 0.6mm – Per Pound

$12.50 - $17.50
Rough Chopped Hemp Bast Fiber
Out of Stock

Rough Chopped Hemp Bast Fibers Per Pound

$200.00 - $8.50
Hemp Hurd Powder Bulk Wholesale
In Stock

Hemp Hurd Powder 200 Micron (.2mm)- Per Pound | Soil Amendment

$2.50 - $16.00

Enjoy Many Hemp Fiber Products to Choose From

Find the right hemp fiber product for your application!

What are Hemp Fibers?

There are two types of hemp fiber: hemp hurd & hemp bast fibers.

Hemp fiber comes from the stalk of the hemp plant.

Benefits and Uses of Hemp Fibers

From Hemp hurds to hemp long fibers, there are thousands of products that can be made from hemp fibers.

Here’s a look at some of the key benefits and uses of hemp fibers:

Benefits of Hemp Fibers

  1. Environmental Sustainability: Hemp cultivation requires less water, pesticides, and herbicides compared to traditional crop fibers like cotton. It also improves soil health through phytoremediation, absorbing toxins and enriching the soil with nutrients.
  2. Durability and Strength: Hemp fibers are exceptionally strong and durable, which translates to longer-lasting products. They have high tensile strength and hold up well under stress.
  3. Biodegradability: As a natural fiber, hemp is biodegradable, making it a more eco-friendly option compared to synthetic fibers, which contribute to pollution and landfill waste.
  4. Versatility: Hemp fibers can be woven into various textures, from fine and soft to coarse and rugged, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.
  5. Thermal Properties: Hemp fibers have good insulation properties, keeping warmth in during colder months and maintaining breathability in warmer weather.

Uses of Hemp Fibers

  1. Textiles and Clothing: Hemp fibers can be spun into yarn and woven into fabrics for clothing, bags, shoes, and other accessories. The fibers can produce anything from lightweight, breathable summer clothes to heavy-duty winter wear.
  2. Construction Materials: Hemp can be used to make “hempcrete,” a lighter, more sustainable alternative to concrete. Hemp insulation and other building materials are also popular for their sustainability and efficiency.
  3. Paper Production: Hemp paper is more sustainable than wood-based paper, requiring fewer chemicals in processing and offering a higher yield per acre. It’s strong and durable, suitable for everything from books to specialty papers.
  4. Automotive Industry: Some car manufacturers use hemp fibers to create biocomposites for door panels, trunks, and other parts. These are lighter and can reduce the vehicle’s overall weight, improving fuel efficiency.
  5. Ropes and Nets: Historically, hemp was widely used for making ropes and nets due to its high tensile strength and resistance to rot, beneficial for maritime uses.
  6. Bioplastics: Hemp fibers can be a component in bioplastics, offering an alternative to traditional petroleum-based plastics that are more environmentally friendly.
  7. Art and Crafts: Hemp fibers are used in canvases, paper, and other craft materials, offering a natural and robust medium for artists.

The resurgence in hemp’s popularity is due in part to its environmental benefits and its potential to replace more resource-intensive materials.

As more countries legalize hemp cultivation and technology advances, the uses and applications of hemp fibers are likely to expand even further, contributing to more sustainable and eco-friendly industries.

Why Get Your Hemp Fibers from Bulk Hemp Warehouse

With more than 18 years of experience in the hemp industry, we are ideally positioned to help you accomplish your visions and dreams with HEMP!

We believe that this world can truly be healed and that humans can live in harmony with nature through the conscious utilization of hemp. Let’s make it hempen together.

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