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Canvas Hemp Linen 11oz Fabric | Per Yard

$22.67 - $30.23
In Stock

Hemp Cotton Recycled Poly Canvas Fabric – 19.7oz | Per Yard

$22.37 - $29.82
20 oz Hemp Canvas per yard
In Stock

100% Hemp Canvas 20oz Plain Weave | Per Yard

$17.39 - $23.18
16.5 oz Olive Green Hemp Canvas Fabric for Sale Per Yard
Out of Stock

Hemp Canvas Olive Green – 16.5 oz | Per Yard

$27.11 - $36.15
Hemp Canvas Fabric 16.5 oz - CT-C18-TAUPE
Out of Stock

Hemp Canvas Fabric (Taupe) – 16.5oz | Per Yard

$27.11 - $36.15
In Stock

Hemp Canvas Fabric (Natural) – 16.5oz | Per Yard

$26.24 - $34.99
In Stock

Hemp Summer Cloth Linen – 7oz | Per Yard

$12.23 - $16.31
In Stock

Hemp Linen – 11oz | Per Yard

$23.92 - $31.89
In Stock

63% Hemp, 37% Organic Cotton – Indigo Denim | Per Yard

$16.33 - $21.77
In Stock

100% Hemp Black Canvas – 16.5 oz | Per Yard

$27.11 - $36.15
16.5 oz Hemp Canvas - Gray Per Yard
In Stock

100% Hemp Gray Canvas – 16.5 oz | Per Yard

$27.11 - $36.15

Whether you want to make your hemp canvas for painting on, or you want to reupholster a couch, or if you’re doing reenactments from historic times and you need quality hemp canvas fabric, we’ve some great options for you.

What is Hemp Canvas Fabric?

Hemp canvas fabric is a robust, heavy-duty textile made from the fibers of the hemp plant.

The term “canvas” historically referred to fabrics made from hemp due to its strength and durability. That’s why the words ‘canvas’ and ‘cannabis’ are so similar.

What are the Benefits & features of Hemp Canvas?

Here are some key points about hemp canvas:

  1. Strength and Durability: Hemp fibers are one of the strongest natural fibers known, making hemp canvas extremely tough and durable. It’s resistant to tearing and rugged use, which is why it was historically used for sails, tents, and as a painting surface for artists.
  2. Weight and Texture: Hemp canvas is generally heavier and has a more pronounced texture compared to other fabrics like cotton. Its weight and sturdiness make it ideal for items that require a robust material.
  3. Sustainability: Hemp is an environmentally friendly crop. It grows quickly, doesn’t require much water, and doesn’t need pesticides or herbicides. This makes hemp canvas a sustainable choice compared to many synthetic alternatives.
  4. Breathability and Comfort: Despite its heavy-duty nature, hemp canvas is still breathable, which can be particularly beneficial in items like footwear and bags, where some air circulation is desirable.
  5. Aging and Wear: Over time, hemp canvas tends to become softer and more comfortable without losing its strength. This aging process can add character and softness to the material.
  6. Uses: Due to its strength and durability, hemp canvas is commonly used for items that need to withstand wear and tear, such as bags, backpacks, shoes, upholstery, and workwear.

Hemp canvas fabric combines the historical significance of traditional canvas with the modern need for sustainable and durable materials, making it a popular choice for a wide range of applications.

Here’s a great resource to help you better understand the benefits of hemp canvas and other hemp fabrics.

We have several fabric weights to choose from on our canvas options…

However, if you’re looking for a fabric you cannot find on our site, we may be able to work with you to produce a custom hemp fabric.

Contact us today and send us the details of your project and goals and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Why Choose Bulk Hemp Warehouse for Your Hemp Fabrics?

With almost two decades of dedication and commitment to providing hemp education, information, and high-quality hemp products, our team of experts is happy to help you find the perfect fit for your project.

And help bring your vision to life with hemp

Together, we can make it hempen.

Explore the different hemp canvases below.

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