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The Natural Color of Hemp Fabric

Have you ordered hemp fabrics over a long period of time and notice there can be a variation from batch to batch?

The reason for that is, most the fabrics we offer come in a natural greige state. In other words, the fabrics have not been dyed in any way.

So depending on the sourced hemp fibers there can be some variation in the color output.

Natural Hemp Fiber Color
Taupe Hemp Fabric

Fresh off the loom, when hemp fabric is just done being made it’s usually a taupe color of varying shades of grey and tan. Almost like a khaki color of sorts.

Hemp Fabric Natural Color Medium
Dyeing Hemp Fabrics naturally with low impact dyes

We can get lighter shades of natural hemp fabrics by soaking the hemp fabrics in Hydrogen Peroxide.

Peroxide can brighten up the fibers without damaging them. It’s safe and clean for both humans and the environment as it breaks down into water and oxygen.

3 Tips for Natural Colored Hemp Fabrics


Different LOTS of natural hemp fabric CAN vary in coloR

What's a lot?
A lot of fabric the sum of fabric made in one production run.


Fabrics in their natural state are prepared for dye

When the fabric is prepared for dye, it means that it's been lightened up with hydrogen peroxide to prepare the fabric to be dyed to any color you'd like.


IF you require a consistent color from batch to batch the fabric must be dyed

If you're concerned about the consistency of the color of your fabric, the dyed fabrics in our line are a reliable and consistent color choice.

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