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Beyond Organic Hemp Seeds and Oil

Bowl of Hemp Seeds

It seems that lately the hemp market is seeing more and more of an interest in Organic Hemp Seeds and Oil. It’s exciting to see how many people are interested in shifting over to hemp.

However, at the time of writing this article there is a tremendous shortage of these certified organic seeds and oil to supply the demand.

What if there was something even better than “Organic” that is abundantly available?

What if there is something more cost effective, that is completely free of chemicals and pesticides and even more mineral-rich than most Organic hemp out there. Ladies and gentlemen let us introduce you to S.A.F.E. Certified seeds.

We work directly with hemp farming innovators and seasoned hemp entrepreneurs/environmentalists that didn’t just desire an organic product but something that was enzyme and mineral rich with more nutrient value than organic.

A food that’s soil is so nourished and supplemented with, sea vegetables, probiotics, fulvic and humic acid elements to make sure the seed and oil you eat doesn’t just have a label of Organic written on it but it’s free of chemicals or pesticides (it’s just not Organic certified) and actually has minerals in it!

Our S.A.F.E hemp seed and oil are also pathogen treated so that mold and fungus are not rampant on the foods. S.A.F.E stands for: Sustainable Agronomics Food Essentials

Below is a chart showing you what you can expect in conventional seed and organic compared to the SAFE – which we say is responsibly grown, not conventional or natural.

Please take a careful look at this. Optimum: soil supplementation, farming standards, and nutritional foundation.

Comparison Conventional Organic SAFE
Non GMO seed
Non toxic herbicides, pesticides, fungicides
Non toxic fertilizer
No over tilling – Plant and Harvest only
Natural soil supplementation
Hydroxyl generator & probiotic stability treatment

Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil

So, perhaps now you see that for a better price you could be acquiring a superior product for you and your clientele. Offering S.A.F.E. Certified hemp seed products to your family, clients and community provides an edge over what most people think is the very best (that being organic).

Stay ahead of the curve and switch to a food that is actually enriched with nutrients, minerals and is the only seed out there to our knowledge that is put through a hydroxyl generator  and NeoPur organic seed treatment to prevent oxidation (spoilage) from occurring. What this does is prevent mold or fungus issues which are very common in nut and seed production, handling and distribution.

Ask your current distributors if they can provide you with evidence of something such as a hydroxyl generator being utilized on their product which enlivens your product with more friendly microbe activity and a safer product overall.

Can they provide you with documentation of not over-tilling the soil and adding mineral supplementation?

If not perhaps consider this new approach which like I said is more cost effective and in my opinion a superior product.

The SAFE product is offered at a better price because Organic farms are required to till the soil over and over again depleting the soil of vital enzymes, minerals and likely decreasing the quality of the end product (being the seeds, stalks, leaves and flowers) of the plant.

Therefore, although one may label S.A.F.E. Certified Seed as “Natural” or “Conventional” due to the lack of “Organic” certification, the actual quality and integrity of the seed is distinct and of higher nutritional value than any other “Natural” or “Organic” labeled product.

The hemp farmers have immense passion and heart in what they are bringing to the people; working with the hemp plant is all about making the BEST living possible. It’s not just about the dollars it can bring in, it’s also about the lifestyle and harmony with our ecosystems.

Consider taking the time to educate your clients and community about this product and make it a win, win for all involved. Help bring HEMP back to the people of the Earth for FOOD | SHELTER | CLOTHING and 25,000 things!

Contact us today for support in educating your customers, we are happy to be of service and hempower your projects!

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