Hemp Rope – 20mm (3/4 inch) | 150 Meter Coil

Hemp Rope – 20mm (3/4 inch) | 150 Meter Coil


This strong, durable, eco-friendly hemp rope is great for many applications and feels great on the skin!


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This 20mm 100% Romanian Hemp Rope is a strong durable and long lasting product. Its dark rough texture gives it a rustic look. Heavy enough for marine use, it is naturally resistant to salt air and ultra violet rays.

It comes in a 150 meter coil, and is useful in the garden or outdoors for exterior as well as interior design. This rope is heavy enough for marine use, naturally resistant to salty air and ultraviolet rays.

Also know that hemp isn’t manila rope. There are other types of ropes online described as manila hemp rope. However, you should ask if its authentic 100% industrial cannabis hemp.

This all-natural rope is the closest thing to rope used historically during colonial times. It’s completely natural, free of herbicides and pesticides. It’s slightly rough texture gives it a rustic look, perfect for period reenactments.

Quality VS Quantity

Know that when you choose to work with Bulk Hemp Warehouse for your hemp needs you are not just getting quality products.

By working with us you are directly impacting the way humanity does business and you are contributing to a paradigm shift in consciousness on this miraculous planet. We sincerely care about you, your family, and your projects.

We are a forward-thinking, earth-friendly, innovative company on a mission to assist you with making your highest visions and dreams come true, through the integration and use of industrial hemp goods such as this awesome 20MM hemp rope!

You will LOVE the way it feels and how well it will perform for your project and needs!

If you have any questions or need any assistance making a decision on your project please give us a Call Today (805) 410-4367, or feel free to send us a message!

20MM Hemp Rope Uses

  • Nautical themed decor
  • Jungle Gyms
  • Exercise Tools
  • Hemp Rope Netting
  • Rope Swings
  • Sailing Ropes
  • and more!


Material: 100% Hemp
Length: 150 Meters (492 feet)
Origin: Romania
Size: 20MM (3/4 inch)

Hemp is Sustainable
Hemp is Tree-Free
Hemp is Biodegradable
Hemp is Vegan

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