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Hemp Rope Benefits, Uses & Features | Infographic

Hemp Rope Uses Infographic

This Hemp Rope Uses Infographic comes nowhere near the amount of uses for hemp rope.

What it does do, is give you a glimpse at the different potential sizes of hemp rope, and a few popular uses that may be helpful for you.

We’ve also touched upon some of the biggest benefits and features of hemp rope in this post, in case you are wondering.

What are the Benefits of Hemp Rope?

The first obvious benefit of using hemp rope is the environmental benefit.

Hemp requires much less water than cotton and other natural fiber ropes.

And of course, petroleum-based synthetic, nylon ropes have their benefits, but they are toxic to our environment, leaving residual microplastics in our waters, and soils once discarded.

So to make it easy here’s a list of the commonly known benefits of hemp rope:

  • Hemp Rope is Stronger – Greater tensile strength than other natural fibers
  • Hemp Rope is More Durable – because of it’s longer fiber structure, it can handle some pretty tremendous weight loads, depending on the size of rope you use.
  • Hemp Rope Feels Great on the Skin – Many of our customers use hemp ropes for dog toys, leashes, shibari and other applications where the rope is in direct contact with the skin. We’ve received many reports back that the hemp feels great and can be softer than other ropes such as sisal, jute and similar ropes.
  • Hemp Rope is Untreated – Not treated with petroleum or other toxic chemicals that many other ropes are treated with, leaving it smelling strange or off.
  • Hemp Rope can be Dyed – because it’s made from 100% hemp plant fibers, hemp ropes take on natural dyes really well.

What are the Uses for Hemp Rope?

There are literally thousands of uses for hemp rope, such as climbing, rope swings, bird jungle gyms, nautical themed decorative uses and so much more!

For a broad overview of the different uses for hemp rope, here’s a quick list you can refer to:

  • Jungle Gyms, Rope Swings and Suspension Lines
  • Shibari and other sensual applications
  • Interior & Exterior Design Applications
  • Historical and Reenactment purposes
  • Pet Toys and Tools – Leashes, Collars, Tug Toys and the like.
  • Bags, & Accessories – uses as the handle or as decoration
  • Industrial Applications
  • Gardening and Agricultural Applications
  • and much more!

What's the History of Hemp Rope?

Hemp Rope History

So how long has hemp rope been used?

Hemp rope is one of the oldest uses for this plant. One someone begins talking about the history of hemp in general inevitably they will mention how hemp rope has been used throughout antiquity.

In fact, that image above was found etched in the Tomb of Ti Quibell in 1896. Ancient Egyptians are said to have invented some of the first hemp rope making tools. 

There have been discoveries of hemp rope used to make impressions on clay pots dating back more than 5,000 years from Chinese artifacts.

Up to the the medieval and following centuries hemp rope-making was a popular trade and America was a young country when the rope makers became active.

John Harrison, an English expert in rope making, set up a ropewalk in Boston in 1641 or 1642. For some time he had a monopoly of the industry.

After he passed away the art became commonplace and in 1794 there were fourteen large rope walks set up in the city.

Early Spinning Hemp Machine

USA Hemp Rope Manufacturing

Did you know that all the way up until the 1940’s the USA was making its own hemp ropes.

In fact, the US Government put out a campaign encouraging farmers to grow hemp for the war efforts. They had a need for tens of thousands of pounds of hemp rope for the rigging of their warships. Here’s a short video called Hemp for Vitory showing you the scale of invovlement the USA had in making hemp ropes:

Hemp Rope Uses and Sizes Infographic

Feel free to leave you comments and or questions below about hemp ropes, or how you use hemp rope in your business or personal life.

We are more than happy to be of service for your hemp rope needs. And we look forward to hearing from you, about what your favorite use is!

Feel free to share this with anyone you know that enjoys working with natural fibers, or anyone who LOVES playing with hemp rope.

If you’re looking for bulk hemp rope check out the options on this page here.

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