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What is hemp used for?

What is Hemp Used For

So hemp is obviously more than one product, so if you’re asking the question “what is hemp used for,” or how to use hemp for one of the many different products on the market, you’re in the right place.

My goal for this post is to answer all of the most common questions as it relates to how to use hemp, in all it’s glorious forms.

If there is anything missing hear that you are curious about when it comes to using hemp in all it’s glorious ways, we’d love to hear from you so we can add your curious question to this post.

So let’s dive in!


It’s important that we first clarify the definition of hemp before we get into all the amazing uses for the different parts of the hemp plant.

What is the legal Definition of Hemp?

Hemp is legally defined as any part of the cannabis plant that contains less than 0.3% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) by weight, which is the psychoactive cannabinoid found in many varieties of cannabis.

When people are describing hemp, for the most part, they are talking about the stalks or seeds from the hemp plant. Although hemp is a dioecious plan which means it produces both male and female plants. But it’s the female plants that have the cannabinoid=rich flowers.

Is hemp the same thing as marijuana?

Hemp is cannabis and marijuana is cannabis, but hemp is not marijuana. Just like a Great Dane is a canine and a Chihuahua is a canine, but a Chihuahua is not a Great Dane.

Now the thing that confuses people is when they see that you can purchase hemp flowers, or smokable hemp products.

But the thing to note, is that those products don’t get you high. They may contain other compounds in their such as CBD, or CBN and other cannabinoids, that are non-psychoactive. 

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get into how hemp is used for different things.

25000 Uses for Hemp


There’s no way this post can possibly include every use for hemp.

I mean even in the 1930’s hemp was said to have over 25,000 uses by Popular Mechanics Magazine, and that hemp was the “Billion Dollar Crop.”

So it’s gotta be the Bajillion Dollar Crop by now, right?

You can only imagine that number has grown significantly over the years with all of the plastics, biofuels, medicines and building innovations that have come to surface.

So to at least expose the tip of the iceberg and share with you the most common uses for hemp, the rest of this post is dedicated to just that: the many uses for hemp.

How is Hemp Used in Foods?

Hemp is used in the for hemp seeds and hemp seed oil, and more recently hemp leaf powder in many food applications and recipes.

The hemp seed products taste nutty, and delicious and hemp seed is one of the most nutrient dense superfoods on the planet, with all it’s protein, minerals, fats and vitamins.

In the following sections I will share with you how hemp seeds and hemp seed oil are used in culinary and food applications, among other non-food related things. So enjoy!

What is Hemp Seed Used For

What is Hemp Seed Used For?

There are many uses for hemp seeds for both animals and humans, as well as industrial uses. 

And there are different forms of hemp seeds which you will discover below, that are used for different purposes.

What are Whole Hemp Seeds Used For?

Whole hemp seeds are also referred to as hemp grain seed and are very popular among microgreen and sprouting enthusiasts. You can eat the whole hemp seed with the shell intact, in the raw viable form.

Many of our customers like to soak their hemp grains first to release some of the enzyme inhibitors and make them more digestible, and then some will dehydrate them and even sprinkle them with salt, or other herbs and spices.

Whole hemp seeds can also be used to press into hemp seed oil, which will share more about later in this post.

What are some other uses for whole hemp seeds?

  • Used for birdseed.
  • Put in granola
  • Used in oatmeal or cereals
  • Can be made into hemp milk
  • Hemp grain seeds are also funnily enough used for fishing bait.

What are Hulled Hemp seeds Used for, AKA Hemp Hearts?

Hemp hearts are the inner meat of the hemp seed, which is made from dehulling or removing the shell.

The inner hemp heart is a yellowish white creamy, nutty, protein and essential fatty acid rich delicious ball of nutrition.

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of ways that hulled hemp seeds can be used.

Here’s a pretty thorough list of the most popular ways that hulled hemp seeds are used in culinary applications:

  • Hemp Milk
  • Smoothies
  • Soups
  • Salads & Salad Dressings
  • Topped or sprinkled on meat dishes
  • Hemp Ice Cream
  • Hemp Patés
  • Hemp Sour Cream
  • Hemp Yogurt
  • Hemp Cheese

There are literally tons more uses but this gives you a great idea of most of the common applications for hemp hearts.

What is Hemp Seed Oil Used For

What is Hemp Seed Oil Used for?

There are a few types of uses for hemp seed oil, namely, internal (food) external (topical) and industrial. In this section we will cover the different uses for hemp seed oil.

First, I’d like to clear up a common misconception and question which has to do with the difference between hemp oil and cbd hemp oil.

What is the difference between hemp oil and cbd oil?

Hemp seed oil is used for both food applications as well as topical and even industrial applications.

Hemp seed oil, also referred to as hemp oil, is pressed from the whole hemp seed, and is a concentration of the essential fatty acids, some minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients.

It has a nutty, almost olive oil, type flavor profile, and is not recommended to be heated as it can oxidize and spoil quickly.

So when using hemp seed oil in food applications it’s best to be used as an ingredient, and not to be cooked with ideally.

Some of the most common uses for hemp seed oil are:


  • In salad dressings & soups
  • Dips, Patés and Parfaits
  • It can be added to pretty much any recipe that calls for olive oil or coconut oil
  • You can also add hemp seed oil to smoothies, ice creams or other homemade recipes like aioli or a homemade mayonnaise.
  • Hemp is also commonly used as a carrier oil for tincture based products.

Some of the Common Topical Uses for Hemp Seed Oil:


  • Lotions
  • Creams
  • Body Butter Products
  • Haircare products such as shampoos, conditions, body soaps and facial creams and masks

Some of the Common Industrial Uses for Hemp Seed Oil:


  • BioFuels and Engine Oils
  • Wood stainers and sealers
  • Paint products and varnish type products
  • Lubricants
  • and more!
What is Hemp Fiber Used For

What is Hemp Fiber Used For?

Hemp fibers are used for loads of applications, but first it’s important to understand that there are two types of hemp fibers: hurd fiber, and bast fiber

What is Hemp Hurd Fiber Used For?

Hemp hurd is the inner core fiber from the hemp stalk and is used for hemp building materials, biochar, plastics, composites and more.
One of the biggest uses these days for hurd fiber is hempcrete, which is a sustainable, earth-friendly building material that replaces existing insulative type building materials.

Their owners do to, cause it ends up saving them money and they feel better about doing their part to preserve our Earth.

What is Hemp Bast Fiber Use for?

Bast fiber is made from the outer bark fiber of the hemp stalk, and can be used in many applications, but the most popular use is for woven applications such as hemp fabric, twine, ropes, and webbing products.

Some of the non-woven products made from the bast fiber are products such as: composites, plastics, biochar, stuffing and cottonized fiber for upholstery and cushions, and many more uses.

What is Hemp Fabric Used For

What is Hemp Fabric Used For?

There are two main types of hemp fabrics: knits and wovens and both of those types of hemp textiles have literally thousands of uses.

Woven hemp fabrics are fabrics such as canvas, herringbone, linens and twills.

Knit hemp fabrics are fabrics like jersey knits (like t-shirt material), ribbed knits, and stretch fabrics to name a few.

What are Woven Hemp Fabrics Used For?

  • Art canvas
  • Casual and Formal Clothing
  • Upholstery and Interior Decoration
  • Industrial and Agricultultural fabrics
  • Duffle Bags & Tote Bags and Cases
  • Wallets and Accessories
  • Towels and washcloths
  • Napkins, Tablecloths and Table Wear

What are Knit Hemp Fabrics Used For?

  • T-shirts and Long Sleeve T’s
  • Casual Wear Yoga Wear
  • Athletic Clothing
  • Baby Diapers and Childrens clothing and Slings
  • Wraps, shawls and scarves
What is Hemp Twine Used For

What is Hemp Twine Used For?

Hemp twine is one of the oldest uses of hemp and has tons of uses from crafts, to agricultural uses, gardening, accessories and more!

There are several sizes for hemp twine but the most common sizes you will find commercially available are 0.5mm, 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm.

Once you get into anything thicker than that you’re getting into the hemp rope territory.

Some of the most common uses for hemp twine are:


  • Bracelets and Necklaces that are made with macramé or twisting the twine together
  • Plant hangers and decorative applications
  • Belts, and Straps
  • Gardening applications like tying up your tomatoes or hops plants
  • Culinary applications such as hanging cheeses to be aged, or as a bakers twine
  • Packaging and product development
  • Leashes, collars and pet toys
  • and much more!
What is hemp wick Used for?
Hemp wick is also known as waxed hemp twine. It’s usually made of a 1mm or 2mm twine and coated in beeswax and has many uses.

Hemp wick is used in candle-making, gardening, crafts, and it’s often used to light herbs that are being smoked, as a healthier alternative to using a lighter.

Often times people will wrap hemp wick around a lighter, so that their lighter lasts longer, and there are even products on the market now that are known as a hemp wick dispenser.

What is hemp Cord Used for?

Cord is another word for twine, but can also be a different type of product that has a hollow middle, which is also referred to has braided cord. Think of shoe laces for example.
What is the difference between Hemp Cord and Hemp Twine?
Here is a great example of the difference between hemp cord and hemp twine:
What's the difference between hemp cord and hemp twine?

Hemp twine has been used for thousands of years, and is one of the strongest, most durable, and eco-friendly options available.

One last very common use for hemp twine is in the furniture industry. 

There’s a product called ruby spring twine that furniture companies use to tie down the springs inside of furniture, so they are safer and more compact during transit.

Have you used hemp twine? What do you use it for?

What is Hemp Rope Used for

What is Hemp Rope Used For?

Hemp rope is used for many applications, and is possibly one of the oldest hemp products used throughout history for everything from towing, art, nautical uses and more.

In fact, did you know that the USS Constitution (Ole Ironsides) which was the USA Navy War ship was strapped with over 60 tons of hemp rigging?!

Hemp ropes are one of the oldest uses for this plant, and the use of hemp ropes has been written about in many historical records.

In fact it’s been said that in ancient China and Japan hemp was used to make impression on pottery wear. 

“Shengwen” and “Jōmon” are words for “corded ware” or ceramic clay pots that have been pressed with cordage.

And there was a piece of pottery found that is dated to be more than 700 years ago.

As you can see from the 1942 USDA video, which is just a small section of the video, hemp ropes and twine were greatly used for many applications.

The use of hemp rope throughout history has been documented and written about time and again…

Here are some of the other most common uses for hemp rope:


  • Macramé for plant hangers and other decorations
  • Shibari (an artist rope tying technique)
  • Nautical interior and exterior design.
  • Rigging for sailboats and ships
  • Dog and pet toys
  • Handles for bags
  • Used for industrial applications like towing and lifting heavy items.
  • and many other applications
What is Hemp CBD Used for

What is Hemp CBD Used for?

CBD Oil is used for many internal and external applications for both humans and animals. 

Although this plant has been used for centuries, if not millenia, only in the last less than 100 years have scientists known what the medicinal or therapeutic qualities of compounds hemp were.

I’m sure you’ve heard the word cannabidiol (CBD). which is one of many cannabinoids. These are the fatty, resinous compounds that are concentrated in the flowers of the cannabis or hemp plant.

Hemp Oil and CBD Oil are often confused as the same thing, but they are not. Remember hemp seed oil is made from the seed, whereas CBD oil (or Hemp CBD Oil sometimes called hemp oil) is made from the flowers of the hemp plant.

Some of the most common ways people are using CBD oil around the world:
  • Tinctures
  • Gummies & Candies
  • Baked Goods
  • Topical Creams and CBD Lotions
  • Body Care products: Soaps, Shampoos, Conditions and Skincare products.
  • Lozenges
  • Vape Pens
  • Waxes and Resins
  • and more!

What is hemp Extract used for?

Hemp extract is used in pretty much all the different CBD and cannabinoid based products you see on the market, from infusions, waxes, resins, vape pens, topicals and tinctures.
You might be wondering what a hemp extract is exactly?

Extraction is a method of concentrating or isolating specific cannabinoids from the hemp flowers and leaves, such as CBD, CBD, CBG, and all the rest.

And then you can further extract to single out individual cannabinoids, which is a pretty complex process and not something I can cover here.

There are many ways of extracting hemp like with solvents, oils, Co2, and alcohols.
It’s also important to remember that you cannot get any significant cannabinoid concentration from extracting seeds or fiber.
Although many have tried it, it’s just not worth the headache, and would take massive quantities, and produce a very low quality product.
I touched upon a few of the uses for hemp extract, but here is a more thorough list:


  • Topical products like creams, lotions, salves and balms.
  • Bodycare products such as: Shampoo, Conditioner, Skincare products, and Soaps
  • Internal Products: Tinctures, Gummies, Lozenges, Candies Caps and Baked Goods.
  • Smokable products that use hemp extracts: vape pens, vape carts, moon rocks, dabs, resins and waxes and isolated powder products. 

What is hemp tincture used for?

Hemp Tinctures are used for pain relief, restlessness, stress and many other conditions. 
There are many types of tinctures that can be made depending on the formula and needs of the consumer.
There are hundreds of blends, flavors and reasons why someone would choose one hemp tincture of another.

What is hemp Cream used for?

Hemp cream is used for topical applications for injuries, bruises, sore muscles and even those scary marks and growths that you don’t want.
Hemp creams typically contain a really nice blend of cannabinoids including CBD, CBD, CBG etc and usually a few other pain relieving compounds such as herbs and other oils.

What is hemp Flower used for?

Hemp flower is typically smoked, vaporized or used for extraction purposes and is where the majority of the cannabinoids are found in the hemp plant.
Hemp flowers have such a wide range of aromas due to all of the different terpene profiles.

What is hemp essential oil used for?

In fact, one of my most favorite products in the world is hemp essential oil.
This product doesn’t contain any cannabinoids as it’s extracted using steam distillation using just water.
And since cannabinoids are fat soluble compounds, only the terpenes are extracted during the steam distillation process…
The end results is a phenomenal aromatic liquid product that can be used for topicals, candles, diffused in your diffuser and brings about amazing states in my opinion. If you like the smell of hemp flowers, then you’ll love this product.

Final thoughts on the uses for hemp

We’ve dedicated our lives and it’s our mission and purpose to spread the good word about hemp’s glorious benefit and value that it adds to humanity and the world.

The Bulk Hemp Warehouse team have been educating on this topic for almost two decades now, and we won’t stop until we experience a major shift in consciousness to usher in a new paradigm on this planet. 

We all deserve to live healthier, happier, more sustainable and abundant lives, where we are accomplishing our dreams and living lives of deep fulfillment and doing what we love.

Hemp is our vehicle for creating this type of world, and we are honored and thankful to be working with small and large groups around the world to integrate hemp into their projects, product lines and lifestyle.

So if there is anything we can do to help bring your hemp vision to fruition we would love to work with you. Don’t miss out on more great content like this, and any new product releases and hemp news into the future, by joining the Bulk Hemp Club for free here!

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