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Great List of 10 Hemp Rope Uses to Get You Inspired

10 Uses for Hemp Rope

Hemp rope is one of the oldest known uses for hemp, and in this brief post I will share with you 10 Uses for Rope made of hemp, that will get you inspired to use it!

Although hemp rope has been used for thousands of years for a wide variety of products, it’s certainly not a product of the past.

Hemp rope and many products made from industrial hemp is very much still alive.

The purpose of this post is to inspire you to use more hemp rope in your projects and or company!

Hemp Rope Uses Infographic

With modern technology making other alternatives to some of the concepts hemp can be used for, like fuel, plastic, and other items, people became less reliant on hemp as a resource.

However, that doesn’t mean hemp can’t be used still in a wide variety of ways today, and one of the most popular hemp products on the market now is hemp rope.

For those who worry about the environment, hemp rope provides a bevy of benefits for both people and the planet we live on.

These planet-friendly and people-useful benefits still make hemp rope a very popular product.

Nowadays, people use hemp rope for things like clothing lines, garden ties for plants, and even as toys for pets.

Some people use hemp ropes to let their puppies chew on, which actually helps dogs by strengthening their teeth.

Cat owners have even found that hemp rope works well for cats that like to scratch – as in a scratch post or cat jungle gym.

If you have a cat that likes to scratch on everything, giving them something like a hemp rope to scratch on will help keep the cat away from your furniture – and keep them happy and healthy.

Hemp Rope Bird Jungle Gym
(The image above is a Hemp Rope Jungle Gym one of our customers made for her pet parrot.)

Why Is Hemp Rope Better?

What many people may not know about hemp rope is just how long it’s been around—and how wide its many uses are – even in today’s world. Hemp started out as a primary material for rope thousands of years ago.

Since then, other materials used to make rope have emerged and are more popular than hemp because they are more affordable, but they are also far less eco-friendly and typically don’t provide as many uses to people as a hemp rope does…

Not to mention the personal and global health benefits hemp rope provides compared to other materials.

Cotton is one of the major materials found in many ropes today, but the ingredients used to make cotton ropes are not environmentally friendly.

Cotton is made with the use of synthetics, chemicals, and pesticides, which is a far cry from the natural, eco-friendly ways we can manufacture hemp.

Cotton’s manufacturing methods make the production of cotton harmful to the environment, and thus not only the health of our planet, but also the health of people living on the planet, our pets, children and those that come in contact with the products.

Also, in comparison to materials like cotton, hemp is much stronger and offers more uses than a cotton rope would.

Most fibers that are made for rope today, like cotton, can’t provide the durability and versatility that hemp offers.

Hemp is not only more durable than other materials used for ropes, but it’s also water resistant, meaning it lasts much longer and can take a lot more damage throughout the years from the elements.

Hemp Rope’s Rising Popularity

As attention has recently shifted to focusing on protecting our environment, hemp is becoming more popular as a crucial material again.

It does cost more to manufacture items out of hemp, including hemp ropes, but because the materials last longer, people realize that they wind up spending less on hemp products in the long run while they are also helping preserve the planet.

The durability of hemp and the increased pressure to protect our environment is making hemp rope more popular.

Plus, hemp rope is a very versatile product, and can be used to create a wide variety of items, unlike other ropes created from other natural and synthetic materials.

So, what can you do with a hemp rope?

Let’s cover some of the items you can make out of hemp rope so you can see how versatile hemp really is.

The Many Uses of Hemp Rope Jewelry

Hemp Rope Jewelry

Hemp rope can be used to make stylish and natural looking hemp jewelry.

You can add beads and charms, or other things, to a necklace or jewelry with the rope.

Hemp jewelry always seems to be in fashion, and teens and adults, love making it and wearing it.

You can make your own hemp jewelry to give away as gifts, or teach others how to make it. 

Some great ideas are necklaces, bracelets, anklets, headbands, hair accessories, glasses holders and much more!

Even more often than hemp rope, hemp twine is used for making jewelry… and here are some of our most popular hemp twine options for that purpose ~ check it out!

Using Hemp Rope while Crafting with Hemp Paper

Hemp rope can be used as additions in greeting cards or other crafts you make to enforce environmentally friendly product concepts.

Adding a hemp rope or cord into a paper project makes a card far more interesting, and can be used to thread through the card and close it, or merely as a decorative addition to make a statement.

Hemp Rope For Gardening

Gardening with Hemp Rope

Hemp ropes can be used in your gardens to help hold your plants up.

Hemp rope is very strong, and also can withstand a wide variety of weather conditions, so using them to hold plants securely in your gardens will keep your plants safe.

You can even use hemp rope in your gardens to tie trellises together, or create other handy decorative ideas.

Packaging with Hemp Rpe

Hemp rope is a great way to securely tie up packages and presents. Using hemp rope this way not only helps to add an artistic, finishing touch to your gifts and packages, but also creates a nice, eco-friendly statement.

Using hemp rope to secure your packages is just one use; you can also use the hemp rope to decorate your packages as you see fit.

Butcher’s Twine (Although not Hemp Rope is a cool use)

Many chefs love using hemp ropes and cords to tie food together while they cook it.

Hemp does a great job of helping chefs everywhere cook, so it can help you out in the kitchen.

Plus, you can even use it to tie up boxes of goods that you bake once you’re finished cooking.

One of our awesome customers (Caputo Brothers Creamery) uses the 3mm twine (I realize that’s not rope but it’s awesome!) to ferment his cheeses…which he supplies to several Wholefoods Markets across the USA.

Hemp Rope for Cheese Making
Caputo Brothers Hanging Cheese with Hemp
Hemp Rope for Shibari

Using Hemp rope for Shibari

For those who know what Shibari is, you may know that hemp has been used for this art-form for hundreds, possibly thousands of years. The reason why hemp is superior for this application is multi-fold.

Our customers who order our ropes for Shibari, report to us that they love the feel, and natural smell of the hemp rope.

While it’s much softer to the skin than jute or nylon, it’s amazingly strong and looks wonderful against human skin.

It can be dyed red, black or any color you desire.

You can wash it first if you don’t appreciate the natural smell it puts off, and it only gets softer over time.

The most popular sizes are the 6mm and 8mm ropes for Shibari.

Hemp Rope for Macrame

use Hemp Rope for Macramé

If you enjoy macramé, you’ll love using hemp for it. In macramé, you tie up knots to make a beautiful item, like a plant hanger or other decorative element.

Since hemp knots so easily and has a nice, natural appearance, it’s great to use for macramé.

Scrapbooking with Hemp rope

If you like to scrapbook, then hemp ropes and cords can be a nice added feature for you.

Hemp rope can be an adornment on the pages, or used to securely shut the book and tie it in place.

Hemp rope can be used to keep a wide variety of important books closed, such as journals or other family photo albums.

Nautical, Interior & Exterior Decorating with hemp Rope

There are so many ways you can design a space with hemp rope, to give it a nautical look and feel.

One of our valued customers actually made a scratch-post for his cat who likes to hang out on his sailboat with him!

So not only did it suit the space, as it was a boat, but it served as a means of pleasure for his cat, as well as saved his expensive mast on his sailboat!

In Conclusion just Use Hemp Rope You’ll love it!

If you’re considering working with hemp rope and you’re as passionate about utilizing earth-friendly materials and preserving this planet to level that we are, we know you’re going to LOVE working with hemp rope on your next project.

Explore all our hemp rope options here!

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