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Quick Update on the USA Hemp Fabric Industry 2024

USA Hemp Fabric Industry Update 2022

Before we dive into the USA Hemp Fabric Industry I want to remind you of the NEW USA Hemp Fabrics that are NOW available in our shop, which you can explore right here.

Since we’ve been getting a lot of inquiries and questions about USA Hemp Fabrics like, when they will be available and why aren’t USA hemp fabrics available yet, I figured this brief post would be much appreciated.

Because time is of the essence I will be try to be brief. But if you have any question just email or give us a call and we are hempy to be of service.

So here’s that quick update on the State of the USA Hemp Fabric Industry.

Here’s the thing…

A brief History of the USA Hemp Fabric Industry

The USA was actually the leader when it comes to producing hemp fiber products such as hemp fabrics, hemp ropes and hemp twine products.

  • But in the 1940’s & 50’s nearly 100% of the processing equipment was shipped overseas and purchased by European and Chinese companies. And that was the end of hemp textiles for the USA.
  • In the last eight or nine decades, the only countries producing hemp textiles have been China, Romania, Hungary and a few other countries doing it on very small, artisan level.
  • So for the past 18+ years we’ve been working with imported hemp fabrics… patiently waiting for the opportunity to arise in the USA hemp fabric industry again – to bring it HOME.
Hemp was foundational to the formation and success of the United States.
I believe it was Thomas Jefferson who was quoted for saying that hemp is of first necessity to the wealth and protection of this nation.
Not mention one of the first American Flags was made by Betsy Ross out of Hemp Fabrics.
And one last fun-fact is that Ole Ironsides, the USS Constitution (a massive USA Navy Ship) was outfitted with over 60 tons of hemp rope rigging and sails, just watch with the Department of Ag video “Hemp for Victory.

The NEED for Hemp Fabrics in the USA and the ENTIRE WORLD.

More than ever corporations, and small to medium sized businesses are looking for ways to be more sustainable and earth-friendly.

It’s obvious that humanity has poisoned ourselves and our environment in the name of innovation and progress. 

But many are waking up to the reality that if we continue in our wasteful toxic ways we won’t have a future to innovate or progress towards.

There are companies and individuals looking for natural fiber-based solutions for woven and non-woven applications. But as for fabrics, there are plenty of uses and industries that would be very much benefiting by integrating hemp fabrics into their product lines.

In fact, if you didn’t already know here are some popular brands currently using or have used hemp fiber products in their products:

  • BMW
  • Mercedes
  • Patagonia
  • Wholefoods
  • Adidas
  • and several more!
With the rate of petroleum prices skyrocketing, and the horrible rate of deforestation, it’s an essential move for more companies to be investing in hemp fabric innovations and bring it back home to the USA.

Why are USA Hemp Fabrics Not being made Yet?

Hemp Fabrics made in the USA was once a thing. But since all the manufacturing equipment to processed hemp fibers in fabric were shipped off the industry essentially died.

So, there are stepping stones we must cross in order to reach our goal of having a full supply chain here in the USA for hemp fabrics.

The good news is that we are now offering a select set up USA Manufactured Hemp Knit Fabrics, however it’s with imported yarn.

The biggest challenge right now is doing the legwork to reinvent or rebuild our processing capabilities in the USA. And it’s not cheap.

We are looking at potentially tens of millions of dollars in order to establish a full seed to fabric supply chain – and not too many players are stepping up to the plate to take on the risk.

What does is Acctually Cost to Build a Hemp Fabric Manufactruing Facililty?

To produce a high quality hemp textile there are many commercial manufacturing machines  required.

Each of these processing machines can be quite costly. Like in the hundreds of thousands to multiple millions of dollars.

That’s why you won’t see any Hemp Fabric Manufacturers in the USA quite yet. And it will take some dedication, focus, and major risk to really build up the USA Hemp Fabric Industry again.

In a hempnutshell, here are the essential stages the hemp stalk has to go through to become a finished fabric, all requiring their own type of hemp fiber processing equipment:

The Stages of Making Hemp Fabric:


  1. Seeding Planting Tractors for Fiber Hemp
  2. Hemp Fiber Harvesting Equipment
  3. Hemp Fiber Drying or Retting Equipment
  4. Hemp Fiber Decordication Machinery
  5. Hemp Fiber Degumming Machines
  6. Hemp Carding Machines
  7. Hemp Combing Machines
  8. Hemp Fiber Spinning Machines
  9. Hemp Fiber Looms and Knitting Machines

These are the bare essential hemp fiber processing machines needed when it comes to producing a hemp fabric or hemp woven product.

And keep in mind that there are two types of fabrics: woven fabrics and knit fabrics. So each type of fabric needs specific machinery making it even more costly.

Not to mention if you need any dying, bleaching or other processes done to the hemp fabric… it really adds up.

So it may be a few more years before we start seeing hemp fabric on a roll, made in the USA. There may be a few artisan companies with small looms experimenting. But you won’t find anything commercially available quite yet.

Can you Buy USA Hemp Fabrics Right now?

Yes and no.

The USA Hemp Knit Fabrics that we are offering are manufactured in the USA however the yarn is imported from overseas, until we can get the entire supply chain dialed in for USA Grown and Processed Hemp Fabrics.

So we are realistically at least two to three years away from seeing any commercially available USA Hemp Fabrics that are 100% grown and processed in the United States.

So for now, you can enjoy the benefits of our USA Made Hemp Fabrics with importanted Hemp Yarn and help build up the USA Hemp Fabric Industry – so we can BRING IT HOME AGAIN!

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