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What is Hemp Essential Oil & its TOP Benefits & Uses

Hemp Essential Oil Benefits and uses

Are you wondering, what is hemp essential oil?

How is it different from other hemp oils? How to use it or what the benefits are? You’re in the right place.

The purpose of this post is to not only share the AMAZING BENEFITS of Hemp Essential Oil, but to also inspire you to use this historically significant essential oil as a vital remedy in your arsenal.

Don’t you want to be able to educate your community about this product more efficiently and know for yourself all of it’s
crucial benefits to health and wellness? That’s exactly what you’ll get.

To make it easier we’ve included some visuals and resources on the following areas:

Benefits of Hemp Essential Oil

Hemp Essential Oil Benefits and uses

(A Hemp Infographic)


Hemp Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

Of all the thousands of products that can be made from the cannabis hemp plant, I would say
hemp essential oil is certainly on my top 10 list of favorite hemp products.

Not only because I LOVE essential oils in general, but because I love the way things smell – most things anyway. Hemp essential oil brings so much joy and satisfaction into my life.

I readily keep a bottle within arms reach – so that I can take a deep breath in from that bottle and shift my energy when needed. I actually just took a big whiff as I’m writing this sentence, so I trust that the inspiration from this aromatic liquid I get is infused into the content in this post!

Let’s dive in to the amazing qualities and benefits that hemp essential oil has to offer.

And… let’s take a look at what it actually is, what it’s not, and how it’s made.

In order to have a clear perspective, let’s define hempand let’s define essential oil.

What is Hemp (aka Industrial Hemp)?

Hemp Plant Botany

Hemp is a term for the overall non-psychoactive parts of the Cannabis Plant and any products produced from those parts of the plant.

In other words, the roots, stalks, stems, leaves, flowers, and seeds from the cannabis plant – as long as that material tests out to be below .03% THC,
is considered industrial hemp.

The varieties of Cannabis that produce flowers and or leaves with a THC level of higher than .03% are considered medical cannabis (otherwise known as marijuana).

Although, we don’t prefer using that word often, as it has a negative perception in many people’s minds still – from the many years of demonization around the cannabis plant.

Also, all the products that can be produced from those parts of the hemp plant are known as hemp products. Such as hemp shirts, rope, twine, fabric, and in our case today, hemp essential oil.

What is Essential Oil?

Essential oils can be described as the hormones of plants. The
essence of the plant.

These messenger compounds in plants are what contribute to the aroma, and can be found in the flowers, stems, stalks, leaves, roots, bark, or peel of a plant.

Some plants produce more essential oils than others, and you will often find a higher concentration of these beneficial oils in the flowersfruitspeels, and leaves of a plant more than other parts.

Because these oils are volatile (meaning they are very delicate), once separated from the plant, they are consumed into their environment very quickly.

So how do you get these amazing health-promoting oils from a plant?

With a gentle process known as distillation. The two most popular methods of extracting essential oils in steam or hydro distillation and CO2 supercritical fluid extraction.

We won’t go into detail on those however, essential oils are mainly 
compounds known as terpenes.


What Hemp Essential Oil is NOT.

Hemp essential oil is not hemp seed oil, and it’s not CBD (Cannabidiol) or cannabinoid oil.

Terpenes are unique and are different in form and function than cannabinoids. Yes, they work synergistically, and if you have a full-spectrum cannabinoid/CBD extract, it will contain terpenes… however you can specifically separate the terpenes from the cannabinoids with water.

Cannabinoids are not compounds that can be extracted with steam, but terpenes are.

Hemp seed oil is obviously pressed from the seed of the cannabis (industrial hemp) plant.

CBD Hemp Oil is an extract and other methods of the cannabis flowers and leaves, with CO2, Butane, Ethanol or possible an oil-based extraction.

However, the main difference is that CBD (Cannabidiol) is a resinous compound that is unique and different from an essential oil. CBD oil is not hemp seed oil either.

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of many beneficial cannabinoids that have similar but different and sometimes more beneficial qualities than essential oils/ terpenes.

The main thing to remember is that essential oils are much more sensitive and are collected via a steam water distillation process.

What Does Hemp Essential Oil Look Like?

Hemp Essential Oil

Hemp Essential Oil is a viscous clear liquid with a particular hue depending on the type of hemp it was derived from.

Most of the essential oils produced from hemp have a slight green, red or pink hue to them.

You can purchase hemp essential oil on the market for individual and commercial uses.

It will often come in a 5 ml, 10 ml or lager bottles such as this 250 ml Hemp Essential Oil. It tends to be a bit thicker than many other essential oils, such as eucalyptus, tea tree, or lavender essential oils.

What are some other Advantages of Hemp Essential Oil?

Now that we are on the same page about what hemp essential oil is and what it’s not, and what hemp is and what it’s not…

Let’s expand on the premier and far-reaching benefits that this product could offer to support enhanced
healthbeauty and overall wellbeing.

10 Other Benefits Hemp Essential Oil & Uses:


  1. Amazing for adding to a soothing and healing bath.
  2. Great for aromatherapy and essential oil diffusion into your environment for a mental/psychological boost.
  3. By breathing in the aroma it’s a great way to shift your energy and clear your mind.
  4. Can be used in candles and colognes.
  5. Can be used to transform the flavor profile of vape products
  6. Can be blended with other Essential Oils for amazing results. Goes great with Frankincense essential oil among others.
  7. Helps with pain and inflammation issues.
  8. Has been known to boost immunity and protect the nervous system, providing valuable nutrients that the body has not had in many years.
  9. It can be used in body-rubs, pain-relief topical products, and sports recovery applications.
  10. Can be used in many health and beauty products such as lotionsshampoos and conditionerslip balms and facial products.

More Resources on Hemp Essential Oil


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Let us know your thoughts!

Do you have any questions about the topic of hemp Essential Oil or anything you’d like to add to the topic for others to benefit from? Thanks for reading.

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