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{Hemp Essential Oil Infographic}

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Benefits and Value of Terpenes in the Cannabis Hemp Plant!

{How to Read this Hemphographic}

For one, start at the top…

Once you get past the part on the responsibility of terpenes in the aroma of cannabis, you can start at the heart of the hemphographicyes you’re probably thinking how the heck do I pronounce that work?

One of our favorite ways to learn is through the power of the word, and the team at HempAware.com have created a library of hemp words called the hempxicon.

Anyway, infographics are also another fantastic way to learn about ANY topic, let alone more complicated ones like Hemp Essential Oil.

The subtitle of this infographic says: “Terpenes are responsible for the many aromas produced by plants. Cannabis is said to have over 700 cultivars, or varieties – all with unique aromatic profiles.”

Once you’ve grasped that amazing number, you will realize or be reminded of the vast complexity and diversity that you can find with this one plant.

I’ve often said that hemp is a symbol of abundance, and I would also say that it’s a symbol of diversity – particularly with its terpene profiles.

Start with either terpene: Eucalyptal or Myrcene – and then go in a clockwise circle around the different terpenes – strategically displayed on the hemp leaves. ;-D

No matter what you do, don’t get too overwhelmed by on of this chemistry and biology

See if you can get any nuggets about the Benefits, Uses and Value of Cannabis Hemp Essential Oil...

And, if you feel inspired – share this with some friends or family you care about.

Thanks for raising your hemp awareness!

Cannabis Essential Oil Terpene Benefits



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