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USA Hemp Cotton Jersey Knit Fabric USA – 5.7oz | Per Yard

$7.07 - $10.26
Enjoy this NEW USA Made Hemp Knit Fabric for clothing, upholstery, decor, and more!
In Stock

4mm Hemp Twine Ball – 140ft

$9.89 - $21.84
4mm Hemp Twine is very strong, durable, and 100% biodegradable. Great for crafts, jewelry...
In Stock

Hemp Canvas Fabric (Natural) – 16.5oz | Per Yard

$21.33 - $28.44
This hemp canvas is great for art, upholstery, clothing, bags and much more!
Out of Stock

USA Hemp Cotton Lycra Jersey Knit Fabric USA – 10oz | Per Yard

$9.27 - $12.36
Enjoy this NEW Hemp Knit Fabric for your next project. Soft, durable, eco-friendly.
In Stock

Fishnet Fabric Hemp & Organic Cotton Knit – 7oz Per Yard

$5.77 - $7.69
This lose knit fishnet hemp fabric, has been used for produce bags, sweaters and...
Cottonized Hemp Fibers
Out of Stock

USA Cottonized Hemp Fiber | Per Pound

$2.50 - $20.00
NEW USA Grown & Processed Cottonized Hemp Fiber per pound.
Hemp Linen Fabric 100% Hemp 10z
In Stock

Hemp Linen 10oz | Per Yard

$12.97 - $17.29
This medium weight hemp linen is awesome for clothing, art, upholstery and much more!
Out of Stock

8mm Romanian Hemp Rope (1/3 inch) | 26 Meter Coil

$27.00 - $47.00
This rope is used for shibari, macramé, nautical design, reenactments and more more. Eco-friendly...
In Stock

100% Hemp Canvas 20oz Plain Weave | Per Yard

$16.73 - $22.30
Strong, durable, eco-friendly canvas fabric has many great applications.

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