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Whole Hemp Seed Grain 5lb
In Stock

Exclusive Whole USA Hemp Grain Seed – 5 lb bag

Experience whole USA hemp grain seeds by the 5 lb bag! Whole Hemp Seeds...
In Stock

Hemp Linen Canvas Fabric 11oz | Per Yard

$19.16 - $25.54
This hemp linen can also be considered a canvas material, as it's great for...
In Stock

53% Hemp 43% Organic Cotton 4% Lycra Jersey 8.2oz | Per Yard

$13.05 - $17.40
This soft, comfy hemp cotton lycra jersey is great for workout clothes, yoga clothing...
In Stock

Hemp Linen 4.6oz | Per Yard

$11.06 - $14.74
This is an authentic 100% Linen from Poland with great qualities. Eco-friendly, durable, strong...
In Stock

Hemp Farmer Tote Bag

$4.18 - $9.99
This Hemp Farmer Tote Bag is great for grocery shopping, farmers markets, a school...
In Stock

Hemp Grocery Tote Bag

$6.20 - $11.99
This Hemp Market Tote Bag is great for promotions and shopping!
In Stock

55% Hemp, 45% Organic Cotton Muslin Fabric – 7.5 oz | Per Yard

$9.71 - $12.95
Enjoy the benefits of this hemp cotton muslin for clothing, bags, napkins, liners, and...
In Stock

55% Hemp 45% Organic Cotton Sweater Knit Fabric – 7 oz. | Per yard

$10.05 - $13.40
This hemp organic cotton knit fabric is great for sweaters, blankets, and much more!
In Stock

55% Hemp, 45% Organic Cotton Muslin – 5.4 oz | Per Yard

$9.05 - $12.07
This lightweight hemp cotton muslin is used for clothing, napkins, liners, and much more!

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