Hemp Home Goods

It’s possible to build your home from the floor to the ceiling with almost nothing but hemp! One day we will help you build your home with hemp.

But for now, we are here to assist you to integrate every product you can image made from hemp into your home and lifestyle!

This section contains all of our products that would help make your home a hemp home, because Home is Where the Hemp is!

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    This all natural 100% Hemp & Beeswax is great for lighting herbs, candles,...
    This is our most cost-effect hemp tote bag option which is great for...
  • HBW20R
    This Romanian Organic Bees Wax Hemp Wick is sweet and a great resource!
  • PAPER2
    This high quality handmade hemp paper is an artisan product, and there is...
  • F-DG1
    Degummed Hemp Fiber is a cottoned long hemp fiber that is great for...
  • HBW48SMR
    2mm Hemp Wick is great for candles, lighting herbs, using as a wick,...
  • EO-10
    This clearn, steam distilled terpene rich hemp essential oil is very aromatic and...
    This Rasta Hemp Twine Ball has Black Red Yellow and Green. It's great...
    We are now offering hemp seed hulls as an alternative to other seed...
    Enjoy the earth-friendly soft, durable benefits of this hemp and organic cotton towel!