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Hemp Essential Oil Benefits, Uses & How to with Blue Sky Oils

Hemp Essential OIl Benefits & Uses



Tyler Hoff owner of
Bulk Hemp Warehouse and Hemp Aware – has a remarkable conversation with Penny Stadick owner of Blue Sky Oils.

The podcast discussion takes a deep dive into the world of essential oils ~ and hemp!

Listen to the full podcast:

Hemp Essential Oil Benefits, Uses & How to with Blue Sky Oils on Blog Talk Radio platform or right here on this page.Who are Penny Stadick & Tyler Hoff?

A little background and how they discovered essential oils and industrial hemp.

Penny Stadick
has been in the natural health field for 10 years and has received numerous certifications in natural medicine, nutrition & herbalism, is a licensed aromatherapist.

Her life experiences in the corporate field and her time taking care of foster children was ending and her prayers to God lead her to discover a new found passion for helping people with their health and well-being.

Penny’s guidance from her higher power continues to lead her efforts in discovering the power of essential oils and handcrafting effective blends.

Tyler Hoff had a unique experience growing up and experienced – first hand – both the allopathic methodologies as well as natural “holistic” healing arts.

As Tyler was growing up, he experienced several challenges and had family members help convince him to stay away from allopathic approaches to health and wellbeing.

As Tyler continued to reject western medical advice of drugs and various surgeries, he later came to discover the power and potential of industrial hemp.


When Tyler first discovered hemp essential oils, he loved the smell and immediate benefits he received. By adding a few drops of hemp essential oil to his spine, he found substantial relief in minutes.


After trying several natural approaches, Tyler concluded that nothing was as effective as hemp essential oil in providing lasting relief.


Tyler and Penny’s conversation discusses essential oils with an emphasis on the role that hemp essential oil has in all the other various essential oils.


Starting with the fundamentals, Tyler and Penny jump right in and begin discussing critical information about how to use essential oils, hemp essential oils, and much more.


What are Essential Oils?


What are essential oils and why do plants have them?


Essential oils involve the essence, life force, or “spirit” of the plant flowing through – in and around its entire existence.


When you lean your nose in and inhale the aroma (scent) of, for example, a rose, you are in fact – smelling the essence of the plant’s oils.


Plant essential oils have healing, protective, and attraction based properties. Essential oils are the part of the plant that puts out and radiates the amazing aromas we can sense.

When plants put out their essential oils into the air, it’s also putting out various protective qualities.


Protective qualities essential oils put out helps:


  • Deters bugs from eating the plant.
  • Preserves life for procreation.
  • Preserve life cycle.
  • Repels certain bugs.
  • Attracts certain bugs.
  • Attracts bees and hummingbirds.
  • And more!

Essential oils are the scent that’s used to brings and attract various animals and bugs in towards the plant/flower with the outcome of utilizing the plant’s aromatic essence.


Plants use their essential oils to attract what the plant needs to grow, thrive, and protect itself. It’s also used as an effective communicator, signaler, and messenger to communicate with its environment.


Communication is important for attracting and/or repelling those who seek to support or destroy.


Oils are what protect the plant and what feeds the plant what it needs.


When you take an essential oil and use it in or on your body, you are working with the spiritual side of the plant.


How have essential oils been used throughout history?

What are some of the uses of essential oils throughout history?


Where did essential oils come from? And, how did we discover how humans can use essential oils medicinally or therapeutically?


Essential oils have a rich history and date back as far as ancient times. Some of the first occurrences of essential oils began when Jesus was walking the Earth.


Other historical uses of essential oils are found in ancient Egyptian religious ceremonies, cosmetic use, embalming processes, anointing buildings, and more.


China also used essential oils as an intricate part of their medicinal systems.

Since ancient times, essential oils have evolved a bit, as well as the process of making them.


How Are Essential Oils Made?


In ancient times, essential oils were created via a process known as maceration.

Maceration is the process of taking plant matter and soaking it in oil. Olive oil was the main oil used. Once placing the plant matter in the olive oil, it had to sit for a period of time.


As the plant matter was soaking in the olive oil, the oil begins to pull out the plant’s essential oils.


In our more recent modern times, essential oils are created using a water based distillation process.


Water distillation uses a combination of water and heat. The basic process involves putting the plant’s biomass into the water distiller and applying enough heat to create steam.


Once there’s enough steam, it gets pressed through the plant. As the steam gets pressed, there are little pockets in the plant that carries the essential oils.


Once the steam pressure gets pressed through it, the little pockets burst and then the steam process carries the water and essential oil into a condenser. The condenser then cools the resulting liquid.


Once cooled down, the oil and the water separates into two products.


The two resulting products are the essential oil and hydrosol (flower water). Essential oils are the strong and pure part and the flower water is what’s known as hydrosol. Both essential oils and hydrosol are beneficial and serve specific purposes.


Who Can Use Essential Oils?


Essential oils are not only for people with health conditions.


Truth is, everyone deals with some sort of daily issue. Various issues can include emotional mood swing, getting down some days for some unknown reason, or the brain’s just not working as optimally as you’d hope.


Among several other conditions essential oils help, it also serves to help you get the extra booster to help you operate at optimal levels.


Essential oils aid the body in healing itself naturally by doing what its suppose to be doing.


It helps combat all stuff going on inside body as well as everything you’re breathing in.


Hydrosols versus Essential Oils?


When essential oils are created, there’s also a second byproduct that gets created in the process.


Essential oils are meant for more adult use whereas hydrosol is good for younger children and the elderly.


There are lots of essential oils children and the elderly can’t use because its concentration is too potent and can cause irritations. Hydrosol is great because it’s a more mild form of essential oil.


Adults can still use hydrosol if you’re looking for a more mild option.


Hydrosol is used as a toner, helps tighten the skin, helps rashes, imperfection on the skin and more.


What do essential oils do for our Body, Mind, and Spirit?


Essential oils are used to help our bodies do what it was supposed to do.

In modern times, essential oils are used to help our physical bodies restore itself back to basic normal “self-healing” functionality. There are an array of uses and can be used in baths, lotions, cleaning products, and much more.


What is Hemp Essential Oil?


Hemp essential oil is the essential oil that’s stream pressed from the industrial hemp plant. Hemp essential oil contain terpenes and the essence of the plant and does not have CBD, THC, or other nutrients.


What’s the difference between hemp essential oil, hemp seed oil, and CBD oil?


How to distinguish between hemp essential oil, hemp seed oil, and CBD oil?


With as many options as we have on the market in today’s day, it can be challenging to distinguish the differences between all the subtle hemp products emerging.


What’s similar about essential oils, hemp seed oil, and CBD oil is they all come from the same hemp plant.


The only difference involves “how” the plant was processed and what part of the plant the oil is coming from.


  • Hemp essential oil: comes from the steam distillation process.
  • Hemp seed oil: comes from pressing hemp seeds.
  • CBD (cannabidiol) oil: comes from the flowering part of the plant, its leaves, and twigs.

It’s all in how you process the same plant that yields the vast differences in oils. Hemp essential oils contain terpenes, hemp seed oil contains essential fatty acids (omega 3,6,9), and CBD (cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid from resinous compounds requiring extraction.


Hemp essential oil does not contain cannabinoids such as CBD or THC.


What can you do with Hemp Essential Oil?


Hemp essential oil has several benefits and has a primary function of “blending” it with other oils.


By adding a few drops of hemp essential oil – to just about any of you other essential oils – a synergistic effect begins to take place.


If you’re using one essential oil and it’s not working as you’d expect, adding a few drops of hemp essential oil to your blend can help boost its effectiveness.


When you mix hemp essential oil with other essential oils, its synergy helps boost its effectiveness and makes your other essential oils work better.


If you have a blend that’s not working as you’d hope it would work, adding a few drops of hemp essential oil can allows the other essential oils to produce its intended effects – more effectively.


Other beneficial uses of hemp essential oil include:

  • Deep body rub for pain and inflammation.
  • Sleep aid.
  • Helps with digestion issues.
  • Helps emotional anxiety, stress, PTSD, etc
  • Improves skin health.
  • Skin emollients (softens skin) – especially when used in hemp seed oil.
  • Helps with eyesight and glaucoma.
  • Headaches.
  • Aids in certain cancer preventions.
  • And an array of other issues

Essential oils can be expensive, how much hemp essential oil do I need to use to get the effect I want?


Even though the price of essential oils and hemp essential oil – in particular – is really high, it can help to think about it as if it’s an investment into your health and wellbeing.


When you think about how much money we spend on going to the doctor, massage therapists, and purchasing prescriptions, you’re getting a great deal, even if costs are a little high in the beginning.


It all health related and when you break down the numbers, you’re getting a good deal.


Most hemp comes from outside of the U.S., which plays a big role in pricing. Once “growing” industrial hemp legalization continues to spread through the U.S., hemp essential oil pricing will start to bring the price down.


Good news is that a small amount of essential oil goes a long way and last a long time. A smaller 5ml bottle – on average – contains about 100 drops of essential oil. You get about 20 drops of essential oil per 1 ml.


Using a carrier oil, such as hemp oil, continues to help keep costs reasonable while maximizing the effectiveness and use of your essential oil. An example blend is a to use a carrier oil and add 3-4 drop of each oil you want to add.


What are some carrier oils or blends you like working with and have had reports back to its effectiveness?


Penny has a deep body rub and it’s a blend of hemp essential oil, an aloe butter, frankincense, menthol crystals and vitamin E. I can’t make it quick enough.


People use it for broken back, inflammation, muscle cramps, rod in neck keeping pain and inflammation down, hip issues. It’s useful for a broad range of conditions.


In using this blend, I get between 2-3 hours of NO PAIN.

Others have used it for anxiety, peace & joy, and those who are in need of a little extra boost.


What is an Essential Oil Diffuser and what are the Benefits?


An essential oil diffuser is a device that adds the aroma to a room. By adding a few drops of essential oils to the diffuser, it disperses the flow and spreads it throughout a large area.


Benefits of using an essential oil diffuser are endless. Essential oils affect every body system including immune, nervous, digestive, etc.


Lots of people deal with brain conditions as a result of the toxic world we live in. We’re loaded with heavy metals and pharmaceuticals residual in our water and the other craziness we’re exposed to.


Toxins get stored in our brains and mobilizing toxins can be dangerous. Essential oils can help neutralize mold, fungus, viruses and go after things deeper in the system.


When you inhale essential oils, the essential oil particles go directly to the limbic system.

The limbic system is a complex system of nerves and networks in the brain, involving several areas near the edge of the cortex concerned with instinct and mood.


It controls the basic emotions (fear, pleasure, anger) and drives (hunger, sex, dominance, care of offspring).


Essential oil molecules are small and can pass through the blood-brain barrier.

Once the essential oil reached the limbic system, it can then send essential oil molecule to various parts of the body and gives the body instruction in how to best use it.


What if others around don’t want to inhale my essential oils?


Is there a portable or more personal essential oil diffuser?


The Foojin was created to solve the issue of making the essential oil experience more personalized.


It’s a type of “clip-on” nasal diffuser that only you can smell. It clips onto the end of your nose and feels similar to wearing glasses – you know it’s there and after wearing it for a while, you stop noticing it.


Having a portable Foojin diffuser allows you to have direct inhalation.


Everyone around you might not want or need, to smell your essential oil.


Using a Foojin helps give you individuality and gives you what you need without affecting those around you.


Where can you use a Foojin?

Since it’s a small portable device, you can use a Foojin almost everywhere.


One of Penny’s favorite uses it while traveling. Penny says using your Foojin while traveling, helps to keep you from getting sick when everyone else is coughing and sneezing. It also helps to reduce jet lag, and much more.


Penny says she uses it more than her diffuser.


Penny also keeps a Foojin on her bed stand, in the office, in the car, and in her travel bad because it’s so universal and there are so many uses for it.


There’s also a therapeutic
sports version of the Foojin and helps competitive athletes.

Penny creates special blends to help with endurance, recovery, and performance. Athletes who use Foojin are able to go further, push harder, and recover faster.


How do you use a Foojin?


Before you clip it to your nose, simply add one drop (up to 3 drops per side) on each compartment’s pad.


Using a Foojin further helps you reduce costs because you’re not wasting the aroma on the whole room.


You get a more concentrated experience while not inconveniencing others.


What’s the Best Way to Store Essential Oils and Preserve them for Long Term Use?


The two most damaging things to your essential oils are UV rays and oxygen. Step one for prolonging the life of your essential oils is to keep your oils out of the sun and heat. The second step is to keep your bottles closed.


Don’t keep your essential oils outside in the sunlight and don’t leave your bottle open.


By leaving your bottle open, the oxygen interacts with the blend and it begins to lose its potent effectiveness. If your essential oil bottle stays open for too long, it can kill the oil.

Best places to store your essential oils include:


  • Dry cool location – away from potential heat sources.
  • In a closed case next to your nightstand.
  • Keep in a room 76 degrees. (Don’t store in the fridge).

If you accidentally leave a bottle open or in the sunlight – DO NOT THROW IT AWAY. Even if you had an accident, there are still several things you can use your oils for.


Penny recommends you add your “damaged” essential oils to cleaning products. Penny uses a lot of her older oils (lemon, grapefruit, and others) in her cleaning products, adds a few drops to the dishwasher, or puts it on a warm washcloth to clean the stove.


There’s an entire multitude of uses for older or damaged essential oils.


What are some final thoughts on essential oil and commonly misunderstood uses?


 Even if you’re on prescription medication, you can still use essential oils.


Before starting them, it’s best to speak with your primary healthcare physician because some essential oils can interact with certain medications.


Do research and establish open communication. If your doctor is a little short on information, you can speak with a licensed clinical aromatherapist and they can give you proper guidance.

Quick final thoughts for getting the most (and safest) benefit out of essential oils:


  • Don’t use essential oils haphazardly without a specific purpose.
  • Make sure you get the right oil for the right age group.
  • If you’re pregnant, you shouldn’t partake in certain cycle.
  • Don’t buy essential oils from grocery stores, Wal-Mart (they’re not quality and are typically a synthetic “scent” only oil – not a true pure plant essential oil).
  • Make sure you’re buying food grade essential oils.
  • Adding essential oils to water (regularly) can cause internal damage.
  • Certain essential oils can burn the skin.

If you’re going to ingest essential oils, make sure you’re only ingesting it for a specific reason for a specific amount of time. Putting essential oils in your water isn’t a good idea because you’re ingesting pure oil.


When ingesting oil, it will attach to the mucous membrane of your body.


You might not experience negative effects right away, but through sustained ingesting can burn the esophagus, cause ulcers, or other internal conditions.


Adding lemon or wild orange to your water and drinking is it how most of these internal issues start. If internal problems begin, the best way to reverse the damage is to stop ingesting the essential oil.


Always air on the side of caution, when using essential oils.


How to get in touch with Blue Sky Oil – CEO Penny Stadick?


Penny says the best way to get in touch with her is through her mobile app.


You can easily download her app on the Android play store Blue Sky and with iPhones, go to BlueSkyOil (in Safari) and follow the installation prompts.


In her app, you can directly email or text Penny. Her response time averages between 24-48 hours.


What else does Penny Stadick offer clients?


Penny also offers consultations, teaches classes and has an option to white label her essential oil products.


She can formulate specific blends and you can have the option to use the Blue Sky Oil label or white label it and use your own company logo.


How to Order Hemp Essential Oil


Check out the sizes we have available here.


We want to hear your story!


The best part of being a part of the essential oil community is we all get to learn from one another.


With every new and unique story we hear, helps all of us by adding to what we know how
essential oils can benefit our quality of life – as a collective whole.


Share your comments or thoughts below ~ we’d LOVE to hear from YOU!

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