Short Hemp Fibers

There are TWO main types of fiber from the hemp plant: Bast Fiber and Hurd Fiber

In general hurd is known as the short woody core fiber and the bast fiber is the long fiber, however, the bast fiber can be cut into small pieces are therefore be offered as a short bast fiber product – that’s why you will find hurd and “short bast fibers” on our site…

Hemp hurds make up roughly 70% of the hemp stalks, and the other 30% of course being the bast fiber.

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  • PH-10
    The 10mm Hemp Hurd Powder is not so much a powder as much...
  • F-H2
    This short hurd fiber is the inner core of the hemp stalk, and...
  • SPC
    Great for sampling and experimenting with hempcrete. Good for schools, classes, or just...
  • PH-0.6
    The 0.6mm Hemp Hurd Powder is used as a filler in plastics, alternative...
  • SPF
    Get a closer look at the different hemp fiber options with the Hemp...
  • PH-10-1-1
    This NEW Revolutionary product can be used in many applications from plastics, to...
    Short Fiber Hemp Hurd is great for animal bedding, hempcrete, mulch and more!
    We are now offering hemp seed hulls as an alternative to other seed...
    Working on a large hempcrete project or need a lot of hemp hurd...
  • F-H3
    Hurd or Shive fibers are great for hempcrete, paper making, mulch, animal bedding...
  • F-H1
    This short hurd fiber is the inner core of the hemp stalk, and...
  • F-S2
    This fiber is the outer bast or bark fiber chopped into small pieces...