Why Wear Hemp Clothing

Why Wear Hemp Clothing – and Who Else is Doing it?

The purpose of this blog post is not only to INSPIRE YOU to use MORE hemp clothing and fabric, but to give you more valuable content so you can educate others on the topic and benefits of hemp fabrics and clothing!

Why Wear Hemp Clothing ~ and Who Else is doing it?


As you can see in this Hemp Infographic that musician/entrepreneur Ziggy MarleyNBA Past Lakers Pro John Salley, Actor and Activist Woody Harrelsonmusician Jason Mraz, and farmer/entrepreneur Joel Salatin.


  • Durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Anti-microbial
  • Strong
  • Softens over time
  • Far healthier for our bodies and planet than GMO and synthetic fibers
  • Resistant to mold and mildew

WHEN is the BEST TIME to Wear Hemp Clothing?

Hemp fabric clothing can be used in any Season.

There’s companies now making stylish, cool, comfy clothing for many occasions.

At Bulk Hemp Warehouse we offer a LARGE variety of hemp fabrics for yoga wear, exercise wear, dress clothings, and we even have customers order our fabrics for tuxedos and dresses for weddings!

Some historians proclaim that hemp was the original plant used for textile applications. China has been supposedly using hemp and hemp fibers for textiles for thousands of years.

In fact, the word pajama, comes from pa ji ma – which translates to Hemp Death Robe – as a metaphor for going to sleep each night and experiencing a mini death.

Check out the Hemp Fabric used for a baby in Turkey here!

According to Takayasu, the earliest evidence of cannabis in Japan dates back to the Jomon Period (10,000-200 B.C.), with pottery relics recovered in Fukui Prefecture containing seeds and scraps of woven cannabis fibers. “Cannabis was the most important substance for prehistoric people in Japan,” he says. “They wore clothes made from its fibers and they used it for bow strings and fishing lines.”

SOURCE : https://japanesemythology.wordpress.com/the-cannibis-hemp-heritage-of-japan-reblogged-article/

Another great resource: http://www.japanhemp.org/uncleweed/history.htm

WHY Did Hemp First Start Being Used for Clothing?

I believe this could become a long philosophical conversation, but ultimately we believe that this plant was a god-given gift of life, to provide us not only with the strong, natural, long-lasting fibers for clothing, but also protein-rich and fatty-acid rich seeds for our nourishment, along with the short inner fibers (known as hurd) for healthy homes.

HOW Are Hemp Fabrics Used today & Throughout History?

Hemp Fabrics have been used for so many applications. There is literally no limit to what you can do with hemp fabric, for clothing and many other applications as well.

Popular Hemp Clothing Companies we Love

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