Hemp Yarn

These hemp yarns can be used in both industrial knitting and weaving machines to manufacture textiles to your own specifications.

100% hemp yarns are spun using flax machinery. They use the “numeral metric” measurement of sizing which is the same as linen yarns. Hemp/Cotton blended yarns use the cotton yarn system of measurement since they are spun using cotton machinery. In both systems, the higher the number, the thinner the yarn.

Hemp Machine Yarn

Hemp machine yarn is used for making textiles. This yarn is thin and not suitable for hand knitting. We offer this yarn in both 100% Hemp and Hemp/Organic Cotton blends. Our most popular inventoried yarn sizes are shown at the bottom of this page.

Besides the sizes shown below which we stock, Hemp Traders can provide 100% hemp yarns from 5Nm – 60Nm, and hemp/organic cotton blended yarns from 7s to 30s. All yarns may be plied together to produce thicker yarns. Please call our office for more details.

Hemp Hand Yarn

Our long line wet spun yarns are vibrant in color and provide outstanding drape and longevity. They are dyed using reactive dyes and are mercerized for color fastness, ultimate softness and sheen.

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  • Y-HC-11S
  • 100% Hemp Yarn | 1MM 50 Gram Ball | Romanian
  • Y-H-16N/2
    This wet spun hemp and organic cotton yarn is for machine spinning and...