Hemp Accessories

A hemp accessory is a great way to show your commitment to making a difference on the planet.

Each thing we purchase, or choose to get for our company or family is vitally important.

Enjoy these hemp belts, scarfs and other compliments to your getup.

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  • F14704-BLKRD
    Soft. Durable. Comfortable. Eco-Friendly. Feels great and looks good!
  • F14706-ANK-CHOC
    Soft, durable, anti-bacterial hemp socks are awesome!
  • F14706-ANK-NAT
    Enjoy these soft, durable, eco-friendly hemp socks!
  • F14704-NAT
    Rest well knowing your wearing or offer eco-friendly durable, strong hemp and organic...
  • F15601-BLK
    Soft. Warm. Hempy Scarf with style.
  • F14704-BLK
    This comfy, eco-friendly black and choclate brown crew hemp socks are a great...
  • F15601
    ECo-friendly hemp scraft, great for gifting to friends and staying warm in the...
  • F14706-ANK-RDBLK
    Enjoy these soft, durable, eco-friendly hemp socks!