We LOVE Hemp Innovation, and although we don’t offer a plethora of finished products, we do bring introduce NEW hemp products on occasion – this is where you’ll find them!

With ALL the amazing uses for industrial hemp, it’s mind-blowing how creative you can get with hemp fibers, seeds, fabrics etc…

Companies are now innovating with hemp plastics, hemp paper products, hemp batteries and other energy applications, there’s literally thousands and thousands of uses for HEMP!

So what are YOU going to make with it? How can we BEST SERVE your vision and project.

We are happy to help make it hempen!

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  • PH-10
    The 10mm Hemp Hurd Powder is not so much a powder as much...
    Hemp Seed Fines are the fragments of hemp seeds and hemp shells that...
  • H-P4
    This is an authentic 100% Linen from Poland with great qualities. Eco-friendly, durable,...
    Earth-friendly, durable, blank hemp hats for your next event, company merch, or for...
  • PAPER2
    This high quality handmade hemp paper is an artisan product, and there is...
  • H-P6
    This is an authentic 100% Linen 6oz Fabric from Poland with great qualities....
  • SEED-03B
    Certified Hemp Planting Seeds for for Propagation Purposes.
  • CA-TH1
    This hemp cotton thermal is great for pajamas, undergarments among other things, and...
  • SPC
    Great for sampling and experimenting with hempcrete. Good for schools, classes, or just...
  • SEED-04
    This variety of hemp is great for fiber production, and could also be...
    This lose knit fabric, has been used for bags, sweaters and more!
  • Organic Hemp Grain Seeds
    This organic raw hemp seed grain is perfect for many food applications. For...