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Mark Twain, Thomas Paine Benjamin Franklin Used Hemp

Mark Twain Thomas Paine Benjamin Franklin Used Hemp

Benjamin Franklin Used Hemp

Hemp is Famous like Mark and Ben

Hemp’s many uses is at its core of values next to being so amazingly beneficial for the soil and environment!

Of the many applications of hemp throughout history is turning it into strong, durable, long-lasting paper. You can make hemp paper cardstock, canvas, thin sheets for tracing and many styles and sizes in between.

Hemp hurd fibers can be processed with other fibers such as post consumer waste to produce hemp content paper. Since hemp paper production in the U.S. is basically non-existent when you do find it available it usually has PCW fibers in it.

Supposedly Mark Twain’s writings were mostly printed on hemp paper.

We have yet to find any hard evidence of this, put it’s very likely this was the case knowing that Mark Twain was around from 1835 to 1910 when hemp was growing in many parts of the world. U.S. census records 8,327 hemp plantations of 2,000 acres or more and an un-calculated number of small hemp farms.

In 18th Century Benjamin Franklin created the first Hemp Paper mill which allowed for authors, poets, writers, publishers and the like to print all their material on hemp.

Thomas Paine, one of the most patriotic writers, was printed on hemp as well – he was a major inspiration for the revolution with his writings.

So the common factor among these great men was the use of Hemp Paper!

We look forward to seeing more hemp paper products!

And we’d love to connect with you about how hemp paper can become a reality for us all!

Feel free to leave your comments or questions below about hemp paper.

What are your favorite hemp paper products, or what hemp paper products would you like to see? Or why do you feel that it’s so important for more hemp paper products to come on the market?

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