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How to Use Hemp Hurd for Garden Mulch & Improve Compost

How to Use Hemp Hurd for Garden Mulch & Improve Compost

In this post, you’ll learn about hemp hurd for garden mulch and how to improve our garden with hemp seed cake in your compost.

Gardening is an enjoyable and rewarding hobby, but it can also be a lot of hard work.

Making sure your plants have the best conditions to thrive often requires hours of planning, preparation, and upkeep in order to keep them healthy.

When it comes to mulching and composting, few materials offer the same advantages as hemp hurd fibers!

If you’re interested in finding out more about this versatile material and how you can use it for gardening purposes, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog post, we will discuss what hemp hurd is and why it makes for an excellent garden mulch & compost material.

We will cover its unique ability to retain water while providing aeration; its all-natural properties; its ability to suppress weeds; plus much more!

What Is Hemp Hurd?

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Hemp hurd is inner, core, woody, cellulose-rich fiber that is separated from the out long bast fibers.

The entire hemp stalk is composed of a high percentage of hurd fiber and a smaller amount of the long bast fibers. Hemp stalks contain mostly cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, waxes, and pectin substances.

Hemp hurds are mostly a by-product of industrial hemp farming, which is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional cotton, corn, wheat, soy or other pesticide heavy farming.

Hemp Hurd fibers are light weight but thick in composition with excellent absorptive qualities. Very similar to the way wood chips looks.

Because of it’s organic natural and cellulose-rich qualities, hemp hurds can be used as an effective mulch or compost additive for gardens. When used as a mulch and spread over gardens it can protect soil from drying out in hot weather and keep weeds away without any synthetic chemicals.

It also helps improve water retention capacity and drainage of the soil while providing essential nutrients to your plants through its natural fertilizer properties.

Benefits Of Hemp Hurd

Hemp hurd has many benefits when it comes to gardening. One of the most notable advantages is its ability to improve soil structure and fertility.

Hemp hurd is high in nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulphur and zinc which makes it excellent for adding organic matter to the soil and promoting healthy plant growth.

Hemp hurd also helps retain moisture preventing irrigation or rainwater from quickly running off without being absorbed by plants.

Hemp hurds can also be used as an effective natural weed control.

As a mulch layer on top of your garden bed or around your plants it not only improves the soil but prevents weeds from taking over due to its dense fibrous texture.

Furthermore hemp-hurd releases lignin (a type of woody polymer) that creates a barrier between weed seeds lying dormant in the ground and sunlight needed for germination.

Finally, hemp-hurd is also known as an effective insect repellent due to its fiber content as well as the minute amounts of terpenes produced by hemp plants which are known to repel pests such as aphids or other insects that can damage vegetation in gardens and farm fields alike.

Hemp Hurd is Good for Soil

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Hemp hurd is known to be beneficial for the soil.

It helps to break up hard-packed soils, making it easier for water and air to penetrate. This can help reduce soil erosion and aid in retaining moisture in the garden, and keeping the aerobic bacteria healthy.

Furthermore, hemp hurd contains carbon which can act as a natural fertilizer by providing nutrients directly into the root zone of plants.

Additionally, it breaks down slowly over time releasing its nutrient content gradually resulting in healthier plant growth over a longer period of time compared to many chemical fertilizers, which disapate quickly.

Hemp Hurd is Good for Natural Weed Control

Hemp Hurd Fiber for Weed Control

Hemp hurd is an excellent natural weed control for gardens. The high cellulose content of hemp makes it difficult for weeds to penetrate through it, thus effectively blocking them from growing in your garden beds.

Additionally, hemp hurd can be used as a mulch layer which will also help control weed growth. When placed around the base of plants, the hemp hurds will block light and prevent the germination of other seedlings.

The large particles in hemp hurd hinder seedling growth and make it even more difficult for weeds to grow in comparison to composted soil or traditional mulches like wood chips or hay.

Hemp is also effective at suppressing annual grass species such as foxtails and crabgrass while promoting beneficial bacteria and fungi that act as organic herbicides against weeds you may already have in place.

Hemp Hurd is Good for Gardens

Hemp Hurd Good for Garden

Hemp hurd can be used as an effective ground cover in gardens. It is light and airy, so it allows for better water retention and doesn’t pack down like heavier mulches do. This helps to prevent soil compaction, which can inhibit root growth.

Hemp hurd also provides protection from the elements, slowing down the evaporation of moisture in the soil during hot days while allowing some sunlight through to reach your plants. It also serves as a barrier against windblown debris that could damage delicate foliage.

Hemp hurd breaks down slowly over time, releasing beneficial nutrients into the soil such as nitrogen and magnesium that nourish plants and help them grow healthy roots.

The small particles are easy for roots to penetrate, allowing more efficient uptake of these essential nutrients than with other types of mulch or compost that contain larger chunks or pieces of material.

Hemp Hurd is a Natural Fertilizer

Hemp Hurd AS Natural Fertilizer

Hemp hurd is an excellent natural fertilizer because it contains significant amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. All of these elements are essential for healthy plant growth.

In addition to the above-mentioned nutrients, hemp hurd also contains several trace elements including magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium and other minerals that can help enhance the health of your soil and its ability to support life within it’s matrix.

It also helps to reduce soil acidity and alkalinity levels which can be beneficial for plants that prefer more neutral soil conditions.

Hemp hurd does not release its nutrients quickly so it will provide a slow but steady supply of nourishment over time which is beneficial for many kinds of plants in different stages of development.

This means you can use hemp hurd as a long-term fertilizer that will gradually improve the health and productivity of your garden or compost pile over time.

How to Use Hemp Hurd in the Garden

How to Use Hemp Hurd in Your Garden

Hemp hurd can be used in a variety of ways to improve the soil quality and health of your garden. Hemp hurd is an excellent source of organic matter, which helps improve drainage and provides additional nutrients for plants, as mentioned before.

It can also act as a natural weed suppressant, reducing the need for expensive herbicides or chemical fertilizers.

And as you know, hemp hurd can be used as mulch to reduce weed growth while retaining moisture in the soil. Simply spread hemp hurd around plants at least 2 inches thick and it will provide protection from weeds while slowly releasing its beneficial minerals into the soil.

Hemp hurd can also be added to compost heaps to create nutrient-rich compost for your plants.

As hemp decomposes, it adds valuable minerals such as phosphorous and potassium which help boost plant growth, promote better flowering and fruiting production, and increase overall plant health.

Finally, hemp hurd can be incorporated directly into the soil before planting vegetables or flowers to aid with water retention during hot summer months and give them essential nutrients they may otherwise lack in poor soils.

Hemp Hurd Fibers as Garden Mulch


Hemp hurd makes for great mulch in gardens. It can help maintain and regulate soil temperatures, reduce weeds, conserve moisture, improve the garden’s aesthetic appeal, and add valuable nutrients to the soil.

When used as mulch around plants or trees, hemp hurd can be layered directly onto the soil surface in a 3-5 cm layer or placed on plastic sheeting first to prevent weed growth.

It is important to note that because hemp hurd decomposes fairly quickly it will need to be replenished every so often—about once per month depending on environmental conditions—to keep an even layer of mulch around your plants or trees.

QUICK PRECAUTION: Hemp hurd should be applied evenly across the topsoil surface and stay away from the trunk of any plants or trees at least 10cm away to avoid stem rot caused by too much moisture buildup near their base.

Hemp Hurd Fibers as Compost Additive

Hemp Hurd for Garden Compost

Hemp hurd can also be used as a composting material. It is high in carbon, which is important for compost piles that need to be balanced.

The carbon helps break down the other materials, such as nitrogen-rich green waste like grass clippings and vegetable scraps.

Hemp hurd can also help balance out the moisture content of a compost pile by absorbing excess moisture from wetter materials and adding it back into dryer ones. This helps keep the decomposition process moving along correctly and efficiently.

Hemp hurd also provides beneficial minerals to your soil when added in small amounts to your compost piles, helping to improve drainage and aeration of your garden soil over time.

Hemp Hurd as a Soil Amendment

Hemp Hurd as Soil Amendment

Hemp hurd is an excellent soil amendment for gardeners and farmers. Hemp hurd can be added to existing soil to improve its texture and structure, allowing it to retain moisture better and provide greater nutrient availability.

When incorporated into the soil, hemp hurd helps create a “soil sponge” effect that increases water retention in dry soils or prevents overwatering in wet soils.

In addition, hemp hurd’s high carbon content improves air circulation around roots and boosts microbial activity in the soil, leading to healthier plants and better yields.

Hemp also has numerous trace minerals that can help fortify the soil like calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, copper and phosphorus.

These essential elements are necessary for healthy plant growth and development so adding hemp as a soil amendment is a great way to ensure your garden gets these essential nutrients without having to add expensive fertilizers or chemical additives.

Tips For Using Hemp Hurd

Tips for Using Hemp Hurd Fibers

Hemp hurd can be a great addition to your garden, but there are some factors to consider before you decide to use it. Here are some tips for using hemp hurd:

  • Make sure you choose the right type of hemp hurd for your needs. While softwood or light hurd is great for mulch and compost, hardwood or heavy hurd is better for soil amendments.

  • Wear protective gear when applying hemp hurd as it can cause skin irritation and breathing problems if inhaled in large quantities. This is only applicable if you’re using a hemp hurd product with a lot of small particles or dust in it.

  • Apply the hemp at least 6 inches from the base of plants so that their roots aren’t damaged by moisture retention.

  • Avoid over-applying hemp, as too much will lead to poor nutrient absorption and increased weed growth due to an increase in humidity levels which provides ideal conditions for weeds to grow.

  • If you plan on leaving the hemp on top of your soil, make sure you rake it regularly so that air and water can percolate through easily.

Lab Results For Hemp Seed Cake In Organic Compost

Lab test Results For Hemp Cake in Compost

Although the majority of this post is about the benefits of hemp hurd fiber for compost mulch, it’s also vital for you to know the benefits of using hemp seed cake as a growing medium, as well as a healthy additive to your compost pile.

Lab results have shown that hemp seed cake is an excellent additive for organic compost. 

Hemp seed cake can increase the microbial activity and nutrient content in your compost, as well as reduce water evaporation from the compost pile.

The addition of hemp seed cake to a compost mix can also help boost nitrogen and amino acid levels, which helps encourage healthy plant growth.

Hemp seed cake is made up of fiber, minerals and protein, which are good microbial food to help decompose and provide lasting benefits to your soil over time.

It has been found that hemp seed cake also does not adversely affect a compost pile’s pH balance or suppress beneficial bacteria within the compost mix, so it is safe to add directly into your existing garden compost or mix with other materials such as manures and straws before being added to your garden beds.

Download a copy of the Lab Test for how hemp seed cake performed as a compost additive you can grab that by clicking the banner right below this.

Hemp Hurd & Hemp Seed Cake Summar for Gardening Mulch & Compost Benefits

Hemp hurd and hemp seed cake can be a great addition to your garden whether you are looking for mulch, compost, or soil amendment. The natural weed control and fertilizer properties of hemp hurd make it an excellent choice for gardening enthusiasts.

In addition, the lab results prove that hemp seed cake is capable of improving the nutrient content in your organic compost.

This can be especially beneficial when growing fruits and vegetables in your garden as these plants require adequate amounts of both macro and micro-nutrients throughout their growth cycle.

Ultimately, adding hemp hurd to your garden can be a great way to improve its health while also reducing weeds and providing additional fertility.

With all that said, it’s important to remember that like any other material used in gardening, there should always be some research done beforehand regarding its appropriateness for the situation at hand.

If you have any questions for us, or if you’re looking for Bulk Wholesale Hemp Hurd or Bulk Hemp Seed Cake, we are more than happy to be of service.

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Results for using Hemp Seed Cake in compost.


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