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Category: Hemp Twine

Category: Hemp Twine

Category: Hemp Twine

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In Stock

Rasta Hemp Twine Ball – 1MM

$4.20 - $8.96
This Rasta Hemp Twine Ball has Black Red Yellow and Green. It's great for...
In Stock

5mm Hemp Twine Spool – 120ft

$13.10 - $28.84
The 5mm Hemp Twine is great for jewelry, gardening, macramé and many other applications....
In Stock

Colored Hemp Twine Balls | 12 Colors

Enjoy one of each color of these 12 different 1mm hemp twine balls for...
In Stock

Braided Hemp Rope – 5.6mm – 110 Yard Coil

$89.00 - $99.00
This hollow braided hemp cord is used for many applications and is soft and...
Out of Stock

2.5mm Hemp Twine Ball | Ruby Spring

$10.85 - $24.08

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