Hemp Seed Processing Equipment

Get the most cutting edge hemp seed processing equipment so you can feel great about the products your make!

In this category you will find hemp seed oil expellers to press the high oil content seeds for EFA-rich oil.

You will also find the equipment for de-hulling and milling hemp seed cake for hemp protein powders!

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Technical Assistance: During the warranty, all technical assistance should be performed by a qualified technician. Our strategic partners are also available for phone consultations, video and other media assistance on a permanent basis.

Warranty: This equipment has a warranty of twelve (12) months, from the date of issue of the invoice, against all manufacturing defects and excludes from any liabilities the cases of improper use and/or maintenance performed by third party. Electrical parts, or natural wear parts on oil presses such as frontal cone, extraction cage, compression head and bearings are not included in the warranty.

What is a Hemp Oil Press?

Hemp Seed Oil Expeller PressThese hemp seed oil presses are made to expel the oil from the seed which also produces a hemp cake (by-product). With cold pressing no heat or solvents are used in the process.

This extracting happens through the sleeve or cage, a piece of equipment that ensures greater efficiency and performance than the standard oil press screws, which is an alternative solution to the traditional bar cage used in this type of extraction process.

All of the presses come with top quality WEG or SEW helix gear motor drives, stainless steel parts that come into direct contact with the product/material, as wel as powder coating.

In addition to the ease of operation and quick cleaning process, the oil expeller presses have several features that allow greater safety and control of the production process, such as a safety quick stop button and reverse screw rotation switch.

Several options and upgrades include: motorized paddle agitator at feed hopper, control panel to accommodate the agitator, control panel with rotational control allowing fine tuning for temperature reduction for continuous run times, and spare parts.

The Power of Hemp Seed Oil Nutrition?

These presses have been used to press many types of nuts and seeds: Almonds, macadamia nuts, pecans, pistachios, walnuts, canola/rapeseeds, castor beans, citrus seeds (various), cotton seeds, grape seeds, hemp seeds, linseed/flax seed, prickly pear seeds, pumpkin seeds, safflower, salicornia seeds, sea buckthorn berries, soybeans, sunflower seeds, tomato seeds, and watermelon seeds, to name a few.

*The raw material feed capacities are approximate and may vary according to the raw material used.

Streamlined Hemp Oil Production Process

The equipment´s design allows the oil extraction process to be done in a clean and organized manner.

The Anti-Splash Cover keeps any dripping of extracted oil inside the Oil Drain Chute. Both components are constructed of food grade stainless steel.

The Front Table is an essential item in the extraction of vegetable oils in small quantities, serving as a safe support for the container to be used in oil collection. Another differential is the flexibility for the positioning of peripheral equipment, making the factory layout more intelligent and dynamic.

Equipment Connections, No Problem…

The top of the line Scott Tech equipment is known for being user-friendly. In the illustration on this page, the ERT 75 Press operates directly beside the FP 240-B filter, moving the extracted oil to the inlet tank for the filtration process. This interaction takes place between other equipment such as mills, conveyors and tanks.


According to the customer’s need, it is possible that different configurations or automations can be provided.

Carbon Steel Feeding Compartment

Feeding compartment can be fabricated from food grade stainless steel or epoxy painted carbon steel. For non-food products, the carbon steel hopper is a more accessible alternative where there is no need for cleaning with aggressive products.

Stainless Steel Feed Hopper

For food products it is recommended to use this component in stainless steel due to its corrosion resistance so that regulatory agency requirements are met. The hopper is equipped with a polycarbonate level

Stirring Feeding Compartment

Some products have a tendency to form a bridge inside the hopper, preventing material flow during the process. To avoid this event Scott Tech provides a hopper with internal hopper shake. The set is supplied entirely in Stainless Steel, geared motor, agitator and level in polycarbonate.

Command Panel – Standard

All equipment produced by Scott Tech comes with a complete control panel.

The standard control panel is made up of a general switch, a selector switch for the extraction thread’s direction of rotation, an emergency button, standard NR12 signaling lamps, start contactors, an ammeter for load monitoring and protection against overload in the main motor.

The ability to reverse the direction of rotation of the mainshaft is one of the main features of Scott Tech presses, making the disassembly operation much simpler.

Control Panel – Speed Control

For a more refined adjustment of the production process, Scott Tech optionally provides a control panel with electronic control of the rotation of the extractor shaft, thus allowing a reduction in the temperature generated by friction during continuous pressing.


The Control Panel with Rotation Control consists of a main switch, a selector switch for the direction of rotation of the extractor screw, an emergency button, standard NR12 signaling lamps, digital ammeter and frequency converter with torque compensation and protection against motor overload main.

220V or 380V three-phase operation.

Handling Caster

Optionally, castors can be provided for moving the extraction press. The mobility of the press is a facilitator for the operation of cleaning the plant or adapting the production line. Casters are provided with a brake for firmness during operation.

Pie Collection Box

For an organized collection of oil extraction cake (also called bran or bagasse), we can supply an engineered polymer box, carbon steel support with casters. The box has a volume of 70 liters and the support is painted in white epoxy.


In our machinery line, it is possible to replace parts. See the replacement line.

Extractor Set

According to the material to be processed, the extractor set composed of Extractor Shaft, Extractor Sleeve, Front Cone and Torta Quebra, can be supplied in food standard stainless steel or high carbon alloy steel.


For food products it is recommended to use these stainless steel components. For non-food or extremely abrasive products, the use of alloy steel components is recommended.

Extraction Glove

All components of Scott Tech equipment are manufactured in our factory in Vinhedo – São Paulo – Brazil. The natural wear components of the ERT 75 press are the Compression Head, Extractor Sleeve and Front Cone. Due to the innovative design of the extraction thread, the wear section is separated from the rest of the shaft, making the operation cheaper and extremely simple.

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