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Custom Hemp Suit with Hemp Fabric

Custom Tailored Hemp Suits

The fact that you landed on this page means you’re probably excited about the idea of designing a custom tailored hemp outfit to add to your wardrobe. It’s a dream come true for us to now be able to offer the highest quality Hemp Textiles. What is just as spectacular is that we are able to work with World Renowned Master Tailors at www.ravistailor.com Ravis Custom Tailors who have been been in business for three generations Custom Tailoring mens and women’s suits, shirts and more.

You can now get your hemp delivered straight to Ravi’s Tailor to help you design the perfect hemp suit, hemp vest, hemp shirts, pants you name it! You can also email us your order and we will work with RavisTailor.com to get you your custom suits or shirts in hemp – made and delivered directly to you.

There is truly no limit to what you could create to look your best and feel your best, especially knowing that you are now doing your bit for the environment and this small blue dot that we all live on.

Starting with selecting the quality and color of hemp for your custom suits or bespoke shirts and custom fitted pants that have a host of features like stealthy pockets, loops, antiroll waistbands, heel guards and so on; you can design other accessories and clothing like vests and waistcoats, trench coats, top coats and for that matter, a hemp tuxedo!

This is a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to mother earth and invest in hemp to display your exhemplary responsible choices to live in harmony with the yourself, the community and the environment!

By choosing hemp textiles for your next custom designed and tailored getup you’re voting with your dollars to change this world and how we do business. You will not only look amazing, you will feel so good knowing that the fabrics touching your skin are grown and produced with NO toxic pesticides, herbicides or harsh chemicals, not to mention, using less than a fifth of the amount of fresh water required to produce cotton or wool!

Our goal is to inspire you to clothe yourself in tailor-made hemp textiles so that you can feel your best while doing what you do best!

To discover more and make an appointment to get measured by one of the Master Tailors at Ravi’s Custom Tailor visit: www.ravistailor.com or give us a call today to learn more about the various hemp textile choices: 805-410-4367

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