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Category: Woven Hemp Fabrics

Category: Woven Hemp Fabrics

Category: Woven Hemp Fabrics

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In Stock

Hemp Canvas (Navy) – 16.5oz | Per Yard

$23.48 - $31.31
Great for bags, clothing, upholstery, cushions and much more!
In Stock

60% Hemp 40% Silk Satin Fabric – 5 oz | Per Yard

$16.87 - $34.50
Enjoy the amazing softness and durability of this eco-friendly hemp silk fabric for your...
Out of Stock

Hemp Twill Fabric – 12 oz | Per Yard

$23.93 - $31.91
This tightly woven hemp twill fabric is great for upholstery, clothing, interior design, bags...
In Stock

100% Hemp Linen Fabric – 3.6oz | Per Yard

$12.86 - $17.15
In Stock

Hemp Canvas (Burgundy) – 16.5oz | Per Yard

$23.48 - $31.31
Using low-impact dyes, this burgundy hemp canvas has a lot to offer with many...
In Stock

63% Hemp, 37% Organic Cotton – Indigo Denim | Per Yard

$15.50 - $20.67
Enjoy the strength of hemp and the softness of cotton in this ideal denim...
In Stock

Navy Blue Hemp Canvas Water Resistant – 11oz | Per Yard

$12.73 - $14.99
This strong, durable, eco-friendly navy blue hemp canvas with water resistant treatment is great...
In Stock

Hemp Canvas (Brown) – 16.5oz | Per Yard

$23.48 - $31.31
Using low impact dyes, this brown hemp canvas has many applications like bags, pants,...
In Stock

Hemp Linen Black – 11oz | Per Yard

$12.73 - $16.97
This black hemp linen is strong, durable, eco-friendly and you'll love it for your...

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