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In Stock

Braided Hemp Rope – 5.6mm – 110 Yard Coil

$89.00 - $99.00
This hollow braided hemp cord is used for many applications and is soft and...
Out of Stock

Hemp Sliver Prepared for Dye | Per Kilo

$38.20 - $69.00
This is known as hemp sliver or roving, and is used for spinning fibers,...
Hemp Hurd Compressed Bale 5 Cubic Ft 30lbs
In Stock

Hemp Hurd Compressed Bale | Hemp Horse Bedding HempCrete or Mulch – 30lbs

$17.00 - $38.00
Looking for hemp hurd for hemp horse bedding, hempcrete, gardening mulch, or for a...
Hemp Linen Fabric Per Yard 17oz
Out of Stock

Hemp Linen Fabric – 17oz | Per Yard – Washed

$15.15 - $20.20
This is a strong, durable, eco-friendly hemp linen great for your next product or...
Hemp Heart Pellets 40lb Bag
In Stock

Hemp Heart Meal Crumble (Hulled Hemp Seed Cake) 40lb Bag

$269.00 - $289.00
Check out this Brand New USA Hemp Food Product Called Hemp Heart Meal Crumble....
Supercharge Your Business with Hemp Protein
In Stock

Supercharge Your Business with Hemp Protein Powder

Learn how to increase the value of your products with hemp protein powder, and...
In Stock

Bulk Hemp Yarn Long Fiber Wet Spun on Cone | 40S

$45.00 - $37.00
This is a cotton hemp machine yarn great for making fabrics, wovens, crafts and...
In Stock

Bulk Hemp Yarn Long Fiber Wet Spun on Cone | 30S

$45.00 - $34.00
This cotton and hemp wet spun machine yarn is great for making fabrics, wovens,...
Chinma Hemp Fiber Planting Seeds
Out of Stock

ChinMa – Hemp Fiber Planting Seeds 50 lb

Chinma Hemp Fiber Planting Seeds for Fiber Production.

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