Hemp Samples

Are you working on a project or do you just want to get more hempducated about what you can do with HEMP materials.

Below you will find hemp samples of our most popular products. If you are looking for samples of any individual fabric swatches you can send in this form here.

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    Get access to ALL of the main woven and knit fabrics we offer...
  • SPC
    Great for sampling and experimenting with hempcrete. Good for schools, classes, or just...
  • SPF
    Get a closer look at the different hemp fiber options with the Hemp...
  • SPL-W
    Get your hands on our woven hemp fabric swatches. Over 40 samples. 6...
  • SPT
    This twine sample is perfect for seeing the width and feel of the...
  • SPR
    This is our basic chinese hemp rope sample kit which has 6 sizes.
  • SPL-K
    Get your hands on almost all the knit fabric options we offer in...
    Get some scraps of a random grab of different woven fabrics from our...
    Get a random selection of hemp knit fabric scraps for experimenting or small...