Hemp Protein

On this page we will do our best to empower you with the basic knowledge on the topic of hemp protein powder.

We will answer some of the most common questions and provide several options of hemp protein you can work with, whether you’re an individual or a company!


What is Hemp Protein?

Hemp Protein Powder is made from the remaining hemp cake after the whole hemp seeds are pressed into oil. It’s rich in fiber, minerals and contains about 28% protein by weight.

The hemp cake is cold-milled and ground down without any harsh chemicals and is sifted for a softer experience on the pallet.

Is Hemp Protein a Drug?

No. Absolutely not. That would be like asking is rice protein or pea protein a drug? Industrial hemp seeds contain negligible amounts of THC (the known psychoactive agent in Cannabis), that you would NEVER get high from eating hemp protein.

So if you had the question, can hemp protein make you fail a drug test. The answer is absolutely not.

What is Hemp Protein good for?

Hemp protein powder is a fabulous source of soluble and insoluble fiber that provides ample amounts of quality plant-based amino acids. It’s great for smoothies, baked goods, and even select savory dishes!

Does Hemp Protein taste good?

It has a nutty flavor similar to sunflower or peanut… it has a little more vegetable or grassy flavor due to the mineral content and chlorophyll in the shell of the seed. Most people love the flavor, although if you want to benefit from the value it offers, you can mix it with other ingredients to tone it down a little.

If you’re wanting a NEW SOURCE for your hemp protein, we would be more than happy to assist you, whether you require organic, non-organic, higher or lower percentage of protein or if you’re looking for small quantities or large.

Not to mention if you’re wanting European hemp protein, American, Canadian, or Asian, we can be of service!

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